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Are you looking to begin blogging? There are plenty of reasons that you may want to put blog content onto your website. No matter what your particular reason, DropInBlog will help your first blog post get published as soon as possible and with no hassle.

Sound too good to be true?

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Why do you want to get a blog published?

Here are just a few of the reasons you might be thinking about adding a blog to a static site on your own website:

  • Upload media: Create a blog to upload moving media, such as videos or GIFs, images and more. While often tricky to upload with other platforms, DropInBlog helps you upload media both quickly and easily, with less trouble than other platforms.
  • Add information: If you aren’t a for-profit company, upload information to your site to increase it’s content and your authority. An example of this would be a travel blog, a chef’s collection of recipes or a lifestyle and beauty page.
  • Create a newsfeed: Build a newsfeed by uploading a blog with the latest information you want your viewers to see and read.
  • Increase your website’s SEO: If you want to improve your website’s SEO rating, you will want to add tons of blog content to your site. But don’t worry, using DropInBlog, you can easily add as much content you need to increase the SEO rating of your website.
  • Blog about events: Blog about upcoming or previous events to show readers what it’s like to work with you.
  • Update current events: Blog about current events and news that are relevant to your company or are simply informative.
  • Display legal information: Upload blogs that include legal information, such as your company’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and more. Small changes shouldn’t stress you out; it’s easy to get what you need online with DropInBlog.

Whatever your reason to blog, write with purpose!

First blog post examples: what real users had to say

DropInBlog uses a remotely hosted, cloud-based platform to upload your text and media. Check out real first blog post examples and see what users had to say.

Here’s what DropInBlog users have said about the platform:

“Impressively easy to integrate into my site. Thanks!” - Josh T.

”A refreshing change from WordPress. My clients love it.” - Angela M.

”The JSON API is really flexible. Exactly what I needed.” - Jim S.

 ”Saved me hours of integration time over WordPress. Thanks guys.” - Matthew A.

Signing up for DropInBlog to write your first blog post

Signing up for DropInBlog is simple. Just plug in your contact information and start uploading content almost instantly!

 Now, you have two integration options...


Simple HTML integration method

Using an easy copy and paste method, all you need to do is take a few lines of code and drop it into your existing template. Because DropInBlog is managed remotely on a cloud-based program, you can leave the technology up to us.

Widgets let you show categories in your footer, toggle between multiple posts and more. Widgets are easy to use and require no additional downloads or updates.

Your blog will inherit the style your existing webpage has so it will look great instantly, with minimal effort from you.

 Full CSS control using semantic HTML allows for the most usability and intuitive changes.

 HTML integration is the more effortless way to upload content to your website.

JSON API integration method

For the more experienced user, JSON API gives you much more control than the HTML integration method. Have full access to post, as well as the ability to output and format it any way you want.

This integration method is made by developers, for developers. It includes the features you want while the API doesn’t get in the way of your creativity.

Code examples help you get up and running as soon as possible with PHP code examples that make integration a breeze.

JSON API gives you a fully structured data set and flexible usage of posts, pages and media.


You don’t even have to pay for DropInBlog in your first two weeks. DropInBlog offers a FREE 14-day trial.

Once your trail is up, choose the package that suits you best.

The Lite package is $19 per month. With the Lite package, you can post 250 in one month and get access to most of the features offered from DropInBlog.

The Standard package is $39 per month. The difference between the Lite and Standard packages is small but significant. The Standard package allows unlimited monthly posts, compared with just 250, and the addition of the capability to create authors allowing blogs to have multiple contributors.

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