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Only 3 minutes to Drop a Blog into your Existing Site.   Simple. Quick Integration with Simple HTML or JSON API - Inherits your CSS

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No Need to Run Two Templates

Do you have an existing site? Don't want to deal with installing and customizing a WordPress theme? Just drop our code into your existing site and DropInBlog will inherit your CSS.

Never Update a Plugin Again

Are you sick or dealing with poorly built WordPress themes and plugins? DropInBlog works within your existing site. There is no software to install. No wasting hours or days trying to customize a template.

Simple to Use. Feature Rich.

Just need a simple news feed for your site? Done. Writing extensive articles to improve your SEO? No Problem. Photos from your latest company event? Simple.

Super Flexible Integration Options

Simple HTML < />

  • Clean HTML output inherits your CSS
  • Up and running in 3 minutes
  • Copy and Paste code for recent posts and category list
  • CSS classes on all elements for full control
  • Built in Pagenation
  • Instant integration with Disqus or Facebook Comments


  • Full flexibility for true developer freedom
  • Structured data of everything
  • Example code to get you up and running quickly
  • Example code for clean SEO friendly urls
  • Build your blog into any application or website
  • It's JSON.. do whatever you want :)

Sounds great... but how does it work exactly?

DropInBlog is a remotely hosted, cloud based blogging platform that is designed to integrate into your existing website. Just drop our code into an existing page and instantly embed your blog. This way you don't have to customize a new theme or template, install or update software, or manage two different systems. We have a great API too. Basically, if you want a simple way to embed an SEO Friendly blog into your existing site, DropInBlog is the answer.

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Testimonials from DropInBlog Customers

Impressively easy to integrate into my site. Thanks! Josh T.
A refreshing change from WordPress. My clients love it. Angela M.
The JSON API is really flexible. Exactly what I needed. Jim S.

Finally... An Easy Way to Integrate a Blog into your Existing Site

Works with Facebook Comments, Disqus, ShareThis, YouTube, Vimeo
  • News Blogs
  • Legal Blogs
  • Real Estate Blogs
  • Wordpress Alternative
  • Blogs for SEO
  • Credit Union Blogs
  • Financial Blogs
  • API based Blog
  • Event Blogs
  • Small Business Blogs
  • Fortune 500 Blogs
  • Enterprise Blogs
  • E-Commerce Blogs
  • Medical Blogs
  • Dental Blogs
  • Simple Blogs
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