What's the best way to add a blog to your Big Cartel store?

Joshua Joshua
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Big Cartel was built for creators. It offers independent artists a platform to display and sell their work. Since 2005 Big Cartel's focus has been on helping creators get their products in front of the masses by giving them an easy to use ecommerce software designed specifically for them to promote the sale of their art.

The thing about creatives though, is that they also have a voice! Sure they express themselves through their tangible artistic products... but many artists have a lot to SAY too. That's when the need to add a blog to a Big Cartel website comes in.

Within the Big Cartel store builder, a blogging option doesn't really exist. Which is why I present to you, DropInBlog. DropInBlog allows you to pair a robust blogging software with your Big Cartel store... together they become the perfect platform to represent both your art AND your voice.

Let me walk you through how to quickly add a blog to your Big Cartel store...

Big Cartel store setup

Note, in order to integrate DropInBlog's code, you'll need at least a Platinum level Big Cartel account.

Once you've signed up for a Big Cartel account you'll be able to select your site's theme, I personally like the simplicity of the LUNA theme. Particularly, I like how my Blog link shows in the main navigation at the top of this theme.

Luna theme in Big Cartel

Creating a blog page

Now, we're going to need a new, separate, page where we will put our blog content. In the Pages tab, click the plus icon to create a new page. Simply name the page Blog and leave it open while we grab our code snippets from DropInBlog.

Add new page

Adding the DropInBlog code snippets

Navigate to DropInBlog's Code & Layout page in your user account panel. Under Blog Code, you'll find two handy dandy code snippets that are used for connecting your blog to your Big Cartel website.

Copy the code from both Step 1 and Step 2 and hop back over to your new Blog page.

Copy code from Step 1 and Step 2

Paste code snippets into your new Blog page

On your new Big Cartel Blog page, see where we would normally put page text? Here we want to instead select the HTML icon on the right side of the upper toolbar. Now... just paste both of the code snippets copied from DropInBlog... press Done... and watch the magic happen! 

Adding DropInBlog Snippet

One last step

Now that your new blog page is looking good, we just need to update one setting in DropInBlog to tell it where our Big Cartel store is located. On the Settings page, paste in your shop's website URL followed by /blog. This tells DropInBlog where to render your blog and allows for the creation of unique URLs for each of your posts.


In most cases, you'll probably want to keep your blog on its own dedicated page like we just covered. But you do have the option of adding your blog to any page on your Big Cartel site. Adding your blog to one of the pages generated by Big Cartel, like Products or Home, is a bit trickier. And I have to say I don't recommend doing it, but if you're familiar with basic HTML it is possible.

In the < > tab, we have access to the source code for each of Big Cartel's managed pages. I'll show you how to add your blog to the homepage of your Big Cartel store:

Cartel advanced page

When we select Home, a new widget slides out that gives us a bunch of darkened out code and the options of Default and Custom. You'll want to select Custom so that the code becomes editable. 

Cartel Custom Code

After grabbing the DropInBlog code snippets again, you can paste the snippet from Step 1 all the way at the bottom of the page code. Next, the shorter snippet from Step 2 should go where ever on the page you want your blog posts to display. I'm going to add it near the top, so that my blog shows just below my website name.

Now just hit Done again and boom, we have all of our posts displaying on the homepage!

Note; You'll need to update the site URL in DropInBlog's Settings again since now we're fetching the posts on a different page. DropInBlog only serves one URL, so if you do this you can't also have a separate blog page.

Finished advanced page

Closing thoughts

Integrating DropInBlog with Big Cartel was far simpler than some of the other platforms we've covered so far, like Webflow and Kartra. In a few minutes, we were able to change a platform that was designed solely to display and sell creative products to now give artists a voice to promote themselves and their craft.

And don't forget, this process works seamlessly on every theme Big Cartel offers, so feel free to experiment, make it your own, go crazy!

If you have any integration issues feel free to reach out to us on messenger or tell us what's wrong on our contact page. Happy blogging!

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