How to Create a Blog on LearnWorlds

How to Create a Blog on LearnWorlds

Zoran Zoran
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This tutorial will show you how to create a blog on LearnWorlds using the dedicated blogging solution DropInBlog. It’s a simple, breezy, and delightful experience.

LearnWorlds is a learning management system (LMS) that allows you to build a website and create a blog.

We can't dispute the merits of a LearnWorlds website; for anyone who's had a chance to see one, they're evident. However, the same does not apply to its built-in blogging solution. Keep reading and you'll learn precisely why.

The Benefits of Using DropInBlog vs. LearnWorlds for Blogging

Knowing the marketing significance of blogging, LearnWorlds has developed its own blogging functionality. It's available as a feature of all the platform's pricing plans apart from the lowest tier, Starter.

It is remarkable that LearnWorlds includes a blogging option, but what's not so remarkable is that this functionality is unnecessarily complicated. A cursory look at the LearnWorlds tutorial on creating a blog is enough to get a feel for that complexity (for the lack of a better word).

That's why to create a blog on LearnWorlds we suggest you try a dedicated blogging solution that is also straightforward and convenient. LearnWorlds allows you to integrate third-party apps, so you can rely on DropInBlog to add a full-fledged yet simple blog to your LearnWorlds website in just a few easy steps.

DropInBlog is one of the best-rated apps in the highly competitive ecosystems of Shopify and BigCommerce third-party apps. It has helped tons of businesses find their voice and establish themselves in their niches through blogging. But don't just take our word for it; see the blogging beauty others have brought to this world with a little help from DropInBlog.

How to Create a Blog on LearnWorlds using DropInBlog

Step 1: Site Builder

To create a blog for your LearnWorlds site, click Site Builder in your admin dashboard.

Site Builder for Learn Worlds

Step 2: Blog Page

You can continue by clicking the big green Edit School Site button, but the route we'll take here is to proceed by clicking Blog under Site Tools.

Blog Page in Learn Worlds

Step 3: Edit Blog

When you click Blog, you'll see multiple options. The most relevant for us is Edit Blog.

One caveat: You may find the Edit Blog option grayed out if you're a first-time user. If so, click the Enable Blog toggle button so it shows "On," just like in the image above. Then click Save at the top of the page. That will make the Edit Blog button clickable and allow you to proceed to the next step.

Now, click Edit Blog.

Edit Blog in Learn Worlds

Step 4: Blog Name

This step will lead you to an editable blog page, where you can change the blog name, description, and more.

Edit Blog Name in Learn Worlds

Step 5: Add Section

In addition, you can add new sections, which is the option we'll use next. Hover over the page and click Add Section when you see the button.

Add Section to Learn Worlds

Step 6: Embed Section

You'll see multiple section types you can add to your page. Choose Embed and click on the first option.

Embed Code in Learn Worlds

Step 7: Copy Code

Before you continue, you need to create a DropInBlog account if you haven't already. DropInBlog offers a free 7-day trial to start your blogging journey at no cost.

Now that you have a DropInBlog account, head over to it and click Code & Layout in the navigation bar. Copy the two lines of code you'll see in Steps 1 and 2 under the Blog Code section.

Step 7: Paste Code

Return to LearnWorlds and click on the newly added section. You'll see a box on the right titled Embeddable script. That is where you paste your DropInBlog code. Click Update after you paste it.

Embed Script on LearnWorlds

Step 8: Save Changes

Now, click Save to ensure you keep the most recent changes.

Save changes on LearnWorlds Blog

Step 9: Blog URL

Click Preview on the left of the Save button to see what your blog looks like now.

Now, copy the URL of your blog page but only the part that comes before the question mark and head back to your DropInBlog account. Click Settings and paste the copied URL into the Blog URL field.

Paste LearnWorlds URL to Dropinblog Settings.

Step 10: Save All Changes

Click Save All Changes. Congratulations, you've completed the final step of connecting DropInBlog and LearnWorlds.

How to Add a Link to the Blog Page Menu on Your LearnWorlds Site

Step 1: School Topbar

While you're still on your Blog page (if you're not, return by clicking Site Builder→Blog→Edit Blog), hover over it until you see the Edit School Topbar button on the upper side; click on it. Now, click on the top navigation bar menu.

Edit School Topbar in LearnWorlds

Step 2: Add a New Item

You'll see the menu items on the right side of the page, under After login links. Click the plus sign to add a new menu item with a link to your blogging page.

plus sign in LearnWorlds

Step 3: Title the Item

Title the new menu item Blog.

Title the Menu Item in LearnWorlds

Step 4: Edit the Item

Next, click the pencil icon to make the necessary edits for the menu item to be functional.

Edit Menu Item in LearnWorlds

Step 5: Blog Home Page

Click the field where you see None, and choose Page from the dropdown menu. Click About in the field below Page and choose Blog Home Page. Finally, click the green Done button.

Link to the blog Page in LearnWorlds

Step 6: Save and Close

After you click Done, you’ll see the newly created menu item Blog in the top bar menu. Click the green Save & Close button to save your recent changes.

Save and Close Changes in LearnWorlds

Step 7: Preview

Next, click Preview in the top right corner to see what your LearnWorlds website looks like with the edited top bar menu.

Preview Learn Worlds Blog

Step 8: Enjoy Your Blog

Finally, click the Blog menu item to check whether it works correctly. If you can see your brand new, shiny, happy blog, congratulations – you've got yourself a blog!

LearnWorlds Blog Example using DropInBlog

Design Customization

With DropInBlog, you have the freedom to tweak several design elements to your liking.

These include adjusting the link color and underline options for better visibility, selecting the primary font and heading font family for a cohesive look, adjusting the image frame settings, and setting the number of posts per row for a neat layout.

DropInBlog offers a preview feature, allowing you to see and fine-tune these customizations in real time, ensuring your blog not only reads well but also looks stunning. To access Design Customizations in DropInBlog, go to the Code & Layout section, scroll down, and click on Advanced. Here, you can personalize various design elements of your blog.

Design Customization


LearnWorlds is a platform that allows you to create, manage, market, and sell online courses. It's a good choice for course creators, edupreneurs, and everyone in the e-learning niche.

LearnWorlds is known for its high-quality customer support, but that's not its only highlight. The platform also includes:

  • White labeling
  • A good number of integrations
  • A streamlined drag-and-drop website builder

In addition, it allows you to create a mobile app for your e-learning business, and just like many other modern platforms, LearnWorlds, too, relies on artificial intelligence for more efficient work.

As mentioned earlier, LearnWorlds does include native blogging functionality. In that sense, you can use it for blogging. However, more often than not, the built-in blogging options on platforms whose primary purpose is not blogging are not recommended if you're serious about content marketing.

Usually, these blogs lack features and scalability, which is only natural, considering that content marketing is more of an afterthought than a primary objective for those platforms. It's worth noting, however, that LearnWorlds' native blog fares much better than many others.

Nonetheless, blogging is just a secondary functionality, and starting a blog with LearnWorlds is more complicated than it should be. For these reasons, we recommend a third-party specialized blogging solution, such as DropInBlog.


In this tutorial, you learned how to add a full-fledged blog to your LearnWorlds site using the user-friendly DropInBlog. Happy blogging, and please do not hesitate to get in touch whenever you feel like talking about blogging and DropInBlog.

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