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Easy & Flexible Integration into Your Site Simple HTML Option or Flexible JSON API

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Simple Client Interface

Sick of endless Wordpress hassles? Our client user panel is simple to use with only the options you need, so they can focus on content, and you can stop wasting your time worrying about plugin updates and security breaches.

Simple HTML Integration < />

With the Simple HTML integration option, we provide you with a few lines of code to drop into your existing template.

Copy & Paste

In the page you want your blog home page to be, you just copy in a few lines of code. There is nothing to maintain on your site. We manage the technology side here in the cloud.

Easy to Use Widgets

Want to show the last 3 posts on your home page? No Problem. List your categories in your footer? We've got you covered.

Robust Comment Systems

Within a few minutes you can enable Disqus or Facebook comments into your blog posts. Just set up the account of your choice and drop in your ID

Matches your Site

Out of the box your blog inherits the style from your current site, so it will look great right away.

Full CSS Control

Every element is output using semantic HTML and assigned appropriate and unique CSS classes for full control.

JSON API Integration {}

With the JSON API you have full access to all post and category data and the ability to output it and format however you like.

Made for Developers by Developers

We know what you want. Our API gives you what you need without getting in your way.

Full Structured Data Set

Super clean JSON feed of all your blog posts, categories, meta info, etc.

Code Examples

Get up and running quickly with a number of PHP code examples to help you integrate quickly.

Flexible JSON Calls

Call specific posts, limit / paginate results, call category lists and more.

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After days of trying hack the css of a Wordpress theme to get it to match my site, I thought there must be a better solution. DropInBlog was a savior.Harrison B.