How to create a blog on Thinkific

How to create a blog on Thinkific

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DropInBlog makes adding a full-featured blog to your Thinkific site incredibly simple. In just a few clicks your new blog will be up live on your site... ready to show off to your students and primed to start gaining you more eyes on your content.

We've put together this quick video walking you through the process of creating a new blog page on your site and adding it to your menu. Or if you're just getting started, then read on... we've outlined the full process of installing the DropInBlog Thinkific App in detail below.

Install the DropInBlog app

First things first you'll need to install the DropInBlog App from within your Thinkific account. During the installation process, you'll create a DropInBlog account which will be automatically connected to your Thinkific website.

Creating a Blog page

Once the DropInBlog app is installed, you just need to create a new page on your site where you'd like to show off your new blog. As mentioned before, it's simple, just follow these few steps:

  1. From within your Thinkific account, navigate to Design Your Site and open the Site Builder.
  2. Select Custom Pages, then click the Add custom page button.
  3. Title your new page "Blog," or choose any page title you like. Click add to create the new page.
  4. To pull in your DropInBlog content, click the Add section button.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the popup and click BLOG, which is listed under DROPINBLOG. The posts from your DropInBlog account will automatically be pulled into your new page!
  6. Click Save and voila, you've just created a blog on your Thinkific website!

add a blog to Thinkific

Adding your new blog page to your website menu

Once you're ready to show off your new blog to the world, you just need to add a link to it from your navigation menu.

  1. From the left menu, click Header and then click the Add link button.
  2. Select your new Link and name it Blog (or whatever you'd like the new menu item to be called).
  3. Next, click the Select a destination dropdown, and choose Another page...
  4. From the Page dropdown, scroll through the list and select your Blog page.
  5. Click Save and again voila... you've just added your blog to your main menu!

See your new blog in action!

The moment you've been waiting for is here, it's time now to check out your new blog in all its glory! Go ahead and open the live version of your site, give the page a refresh, and behold the beauty of your new blog!

DropInBlog is designed to automatically take on the look and feel of your Thinkific theme. It uses your fonts and colors to blend seamlessly into your site. Looks pretty great, right?

Display recent posts on your homepage

To gain more visibility to your blog, you may want to add a section to the homepage of your site showcasing your recent blog posts. The below video walks you through the process step by step.

  1. From within your Thinkific account, navigate to Design Your Site and open the Site Builder.
  2. Navigate to your Homepage and click the Add section button.
  3. From the Add section popup, scroll down and choose RECENT POSTS under DROPINBLOG. Your recent posts will automatically be pulled into the new section on your homepage.
  4. Your 2 most recent posts will automatically be pulled into the new section on your homepage. You can adjust the number of posts shown by clicking Recent Posts and changing this number to your liking.
  5. Make sure to Save your changes and then check it out on your live website!

DropInBlog is here for you

If you run into any questions or snags while using DropInBlog with your Thinkific site, just give us a holler. We're standing by to help make your blogging journey as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Happy blogging!

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