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Joshua Joshua
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Being a professional developer, I'm constantly on sites like Udemy and Youtube looking for new courses to help upgrade my skills. Most of the time if a content creator wants to provide a written version of a video, for reference and extra materials, they generally either have their content on some third party platform or worse, they provide a PDF to download, yuck! 🤢

With Thinkific you have much more control over how you want to manage your content. Your Thinkific site is able to be both a personal website and a professional content management system for video courses. But sadly Thinkific suffers the same problem as the many other CMSs, like Kartra or Webflow, there's no easy way to add a blog to host your resources and get more eyes on you and your content.  

Let me introduce DropInBlog 

With DropInBlog you have the perfect solution for adding blog articles onto your Thinkific site, or really any platform that lets you add custom code. In less than two minutes you can add a few of DropInBlog's snippets to magically render all of your blog posts... with no downloads, no templates, and no hassle. Let me show you how it's done.

Creating a blog page in Thinkific

Ready? Great, let's dive on in! Now, you probably don't want to add all of your posts onto your home page, so let's start by creating a new blog page. In Thinkific's Site Builder, select Custom Pages, then Add custom page, which you can simply title as Blog.

A new page will be created with some default sections: HeaderFooter, and a Banner. You can just delete the banner for now.

Let's spice up the header a bit and add some navigation under your site name. When you select Header you can add more page links under Blocks, we'll name our new link Blog and set its Link dropdown to our new blog page. It's set up like this so you have the option to have the link name that's displayed be different than the page it actually directs to. 

Luckily for us, the Header section will be updated across every page, so we only need to do this once. 

Add new Thinkific link

Grab the 1st code snippet from DropInBlog

This is where the magic really happens! 🧙 In your DropInBlog account, you can go to Code & Layout and under Blog Code you'll find the necessary code snippets that we'll use to hook your blog into your Thinkific site.

The four-lined snippet underneath Step 1 is what will tell your Thinkific website to reach out to DropInBlog for all of your data and posts. You need to copy these 4 lines of code, move back over to the Thinkific site builder, and make sure you're on your new custom blog page.

Paste the snippet into your Thinkific dashboard

Under Sections, select Add Section, and choose Text & Media from the dropdown. You need this one in particular because it'll allow you to embed custom code into the page. With that in place, you'll need to delete all of the default text inside Heading and Content, so nothing is visible anymore.

At the top of Content, you have a bunch of editing options, choose the one that looks like this </>. Now just paste in the snippet you copied from DropInBlog. 

One more snippet to paste!

Now that you've connected to your DropInBlog account, the final step to getting the blog posts to show is to tell Thinkific exactly where you want the posts displayed. To do this, beneath the code snippet you've already pasted, you just need to copy and paste this last line, which is available under Step 2 in Code & Layout:

<div id="dib-posts"></div>

Now click Save, and your blog posts will automatically be pulled from your DropInBlog account, directly into your Thinkific site!

Add DropInBlog snippets

Update the blog post links

DropInBlog creates separate pages for each blog post. However, Thinkific needs to know exactly where these posts are being rendered so it can properly create the URLs for each post page. 

Find your Thinkific blog page URL

On your Thinkific dashboard, under DESIGN YOUR SITE, you'll find the option to preview the live version of your site. Go ahead and do that, and navigate to your new blog page. Now copy the page's URL and swing back on over to DropInBlog.

Paste the URL into DropInBlog 

In the Settings of your DropInBlog account, just throw that URL in the Blog URL field, hit Save, and the system will take care of the rest!

Fix post navigation

The moment of truth...

Let's see if all our copying and pasting worked! Go ahead and refresh the preview of your Thinkific blog page and try clicking on one of your posts. Hopefully, you'll see your DropInBlog posts being displayed in all their glory, and each linking to their own individual post page. If this isn't the case, you might want to retry adding the URL or contact us and we'll be happy help. 😊

Closing thoughts 

Just like that, we can easily transform Thinkific, or any site builder into a fully functioning blog, regardless of whether they offer a native solution or not. 

The DropInBlog team wants to help everyone have a place to define themselves and get their content recognized in the process. If there was any part of this integration you had trouble with, or you have any suggestions on how we could improve DropInBlog, feel free to hit us up on messenger.

Happy blogging!

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