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Joshua Joshua
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Nowadays it seems like everyone has their own blog. Writers, scientists, web developers, and even many YouTubers find blogging to be an essential part of their business model. One challenge with this is the potential barrier to entry.

For many people, their choices are either to hire a developer, like me, for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to meticulously handcraft their site, or to try to learn Wordpress or another site builder. In the midst of setup, expensive themes, and an ever-changing torrent of new and deprecating plugins, many people find they still have to come crawling back to a developer to handle it for them.

Let me introduce Kartra

Many people tend to find Kartra particularly useful. Everything is just a few clicks away, and even if you don't know how to do something you can almost always figure it out on your own. The only thing Kartra really lacks is an intuitive blogging system. They recommend integrating Wordpress and give you a lengthy tutorial on how to tinker with the right plugins. But unfortunately, this leaves your site essentially in two separate places, which is terrible for SEO. I believe we can do better than this by integrating DropInBlog. And what's better, the DropInBlog integration with Karta should only take you a few minutes. Let me walk you through it step by step...

Blog page setup

To get started, in your Kartra admin panel, just create a new page with a blank canvas. I've called mine "Blog" and connected it to my site so that it will show the global elements I've already setup.

Adding DropInBlog to your Kartra site

To create a place to add the custom code we need from DropInBlog, we can use the YOUR CODE panel in the sidebar to drag and drop a new HTML component.

Grab the DropInBlog code

After signing up for a free trial of DropInBlog, on the Code & Layout page, you'll find two small scripts under Step 1 and Step 2. These scripts are what will connect Kartra to your DropInBlog account to retrieve your posts. With these few lines, you're ready to go, we'll just copy them and move back over to Kartra.

adding a blog to Kartra in 2 steps

Edit your Kartra code

Okay... this is where we make the magic happen. Are you ready??

Click on your HTML component, and then at the top select Edit Style (the orange pencil icon). A black box will pop up containing an empty div tag. Inside of this div is where we're going to paste our DropInBlog code. Read on...

Now, take the Step 1 and Step 2 scripts we grabbed from our DropInBlog Code & Layout page, and paste them inside the wrapping div code. Like this:

<div data-embed="true">
<!-- STEP 1 CODE HERE -->
<!-- STEP 2 CODE HERE -->

Click Save, and watch your blog posts from DropInBlog instantly be pulled in to you Kartra site!

Pretty cool huh? I think so too.

Linking your blog posts

You've been doing great, and we're almost done... but we still need to tell DropInBlog where our Kartra site is located so that it knows where to create our post detail pages. To do that we need to find the URL of our new blog page.

Under Actions, select Publish Live. Don't worry, we haven't linked your blog to your menu yet, so even though we are publishing it, no one knows where to find it!

I like clean URLs and I'm going to assume you do too, so let's tidy ours up a bit. Click Get the page link, and then click the pencil icon to Edit the URL. Select your root URL from the dropdown on the left, and in the field on the right put 'blog', or whatever you'd like to name your blog.

Awww, nice and clean now. Go ahead and Save your URL, then copy it.

Now we just need to take this squeaky clean URL and paste it into DropInBlog. So head on back over to your DropInBlog account, go to the Settings tab, and paste it into the Blog URL field.

View your work

Let's see if all our hard work paid off. Open a new tab and paste your URL again. If my instructions here were clear, and if you didn't skip any of the steps... then a beautiful new blog should be staring you in the face right now. Where you take it from here is up to you!

example of kartra blog

As you've seen adding DropInBlog to your Kartra site was monumentally simpler than fumbling around with some obscure Wordpress plugin. Just paste in a few lines of code and you're done in a matter of minutes!

Sign yourself up for a free trial if you haven't already and take it for a test drive! The Standard DropInBlog account gives you access to:

The DropInBlog team is dedicated to helping you succeed in growing your business, if you need any assistance adding a blog to your Kartra site, just message us and let us know.

Happy blogging!

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