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Joshua Joshua
3 minute read

Nowadays it seems like everyone has their own blog. Writers, scientists, web developers, and even many YouTubers find blogging to be an essential part of their business model. The problem with this is the barrier to entry.

For most people, their choices are either to hire a developer, like me, for hundreds or even thousands of dollars to meticulously handcraft their site, which they have little room to alter when complete, or to try to learn Wordpress or some other off-brand of Wordpress. In the midst of setup, expensive themes, and an ever-changing torrent of new and deprecating plugins, many people find they still have to come crawling back to some developer to handle it for them.

Let me introduce Kartra

Many people tend to find Kartra particularly useful, where everything is just a few clicks away and even if you don't know how to do something you can almost always figure it out on your own. The only thing Kartra really lacks is an intuitive blogging system. On their site, they recommend integrating Wordpress and give you a lengthy tutorial on how to tinker with the right plugins and have your site essentially on two separate places. I believe we can do better than this by integrating DropInBlog, which should only take a few minutes.

Page Setup

To get started, in your Kartra admin panel, just create a new page with a blank canvas.

Adding DropInBlog

Next, go into Sections and throw in a new navbar for style. To add the custom code we'll need from DropInBlog, we can use the YOUR CODE panel in the sidebar to drag and drop a new HTML component.


After signing up for a free trial, in your CODE & LAYOUT page, you can choose between Grid, Layout, and Raw for your blog's post structure. Under Blog Code, there are two tiny scripts that are specific to you and your account. This is what connects to your DropInBlog account to retrieve your posts. With these five lines you're ready to go, we'll just copy them and move back over to Kartra.

Kartra Page Builder

In our HTML component's settings, we'll choose Edit source code and delete everything that's there. 

Now we need to take what we grabbed from DropInBlog, put them inside this code wrapper, then dump everything into our component.

<div data-embed="true">
<div id="dib-posts"></div>

Finished Blog

If you did everything right, you should now have your new blog up and running, just like magic!

As you can see, this was monumentally simpler than fumbling around with some obscure Wordpress plugin. Just paste in a few lines and you're done in less than a minute.

The DropInBlog team is dedicated to helping you succeed in growing your business, if you need any assistance adding a blog to your Kartra site, just message us and let us know.

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