30-Day Visa Extension Chiang Mai, Thailand ... in 10 Easy Steps!

30-Day Visa Extension Chiang Mai, Thailand ... in 10 Easy Steps!

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If you entered Thailand via a visa waiver/exemption, you can extend your visa for 30 days by visiting an immigration office any time before your entry stamp expires. If you are extending your visa in Chiang Mai, follow these guidelines.

1. Obtain a TM30

  • Give pictures of your passport photo page and stamp page to your hotel or accommodation host.
  • Your host will register your information with the department of immigration & provide you with a receipt of the submission. If they give you a paper receipt it should look like this:
    thailand tm30 form
  • If you are given a digital copy of the TM30 submission confirmation, print it out. It should look something like this:
    tm30 - digital subission confirmation
  • The process of obtaining the TM30 may take your host a day or two to accomplish, so plan ahead.

2. Gather all of the necessary items

  • Your passport (obviously).
  • TM30 receipt (either the original or a printed copy).
  • 1,900 baht in cash (change will be provided).
  • 1 passport-style photo (any size is fine). Photos can be taken onsite at the immigration office.

3. Go to the immigration office

  • The immigration office at Central Festival mall is less busy/more organized IMO. It is located on the 2nd floor of the mall, down a hallway to the left of Sports World.
    Immigration Office Entry
  • The office hours are 9:00am–5:00pm (closed 12:00pm–1:00pm for lunch), Monday through Friday (closed weekends & holidays).
    Chiang Mai immigration office hours
  • If you come between 9:00am–10:00am, you will probably make it into the morning queue.
  • If you come after 11:00am, the staff will most likely ask you to return at 1:00pm after the lunch break.
    Thailand Visa Extension Lunch Break hours
  • It is probably best to either come at 8:50am or 12:50pm.
  • If you arrive before the mall opens, enter through the Starbucks or parking garage.
  • There are no dress code requirements, though I’d suggest dressing respectfully.

4. Fill out the Application for Extension form

  • Forms & pens are provided at a stand in the reception area.
  • The 30-Day Visa Extension form asks for basic info about you, your passport, when you arrived, your accommodation address, and why you want to extend your stay in Thailand (some typical reasons for extension are: you want to travel around the beautiful country, eat more delicious food, learn more about the diverse Thai culture, etc).
    Thailand Visa Extension Application Form

5. Give your application form to the receptionists for review

  • The staff will look over all of your documents, make some photocopies, have you sign a few more things, etc.
  • The staff will help you take passport-style photos if you don’t already have them.
  • The staff will ask you for 1,900 baht.
  • The staff will give you a queue number.
    Reception area

6. Sit and wait in the queue area

  • The queue waiting area is air-conditioned & comfortable enough.
    Chiangmai Immigration queue waiting area

7. Wait for your queue number to be called

  • When your number is called, walk up and give your documents to the immigration officer, then sit back down.
  • The immigration officers will pull up your info on their computers & review your request.
    Central Festival Mall immigration area

8. Wait for your name to be called

  • When your name is called, go back up to the officers to have your photo taken.
  • Remove your hat & glasses for the photo.
  • After having your photo taken, sit back down again.
    30-Day Visa Extension Photo area

9. Wait for your name to be called again

  • The immigration officer will give you your passport back, stamped with the 30-day extension, and a receipt for your payment.
  • Hold on to the receipt until you leave the country just in case you’re asked for it upon leaving.  

10. Enjoy an additional 30 days in the Kingdom!

  • The visa extension can be done at any time during your stay. The additional 30 days will be added to the end of the date shown on your initial entry stamp date. Note, there are a few countries that are granted only a 7-day extension.
  • Do not wait until the last day to do your extension. Do it early on in your stay to just get it done and over with.
  • Visa agents charge around 3000thb to help with the process & wait in the queue for you. However, you still need to show up in person to have your photo taken. Paying a visa agent will save you approximately 1-1.5 hours of time. If you do the process yourself as detailed above, expect it to take between 1-3 hours.
    Chiang Mai, Nimman neighborhood, Doi Suthep mountain

This guide is based on personal experience and is accurate to the best of my knowledge as of October 25th, 2022. If you experience any discrepancies or changes in the process, please let me know.

Enjoy your extended stay!

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