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Christopher Christopher
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Thinkific is a web platform where anyone can create, sell, and share online courses. Extensive customization options allow you to make your course website look and feel however you want. And powerful editing tools give you the ability to generate branding materials from right inside your dashboard. The UI is straightforward, the platform is robust, and the possibilities are endless. 🚀

It's a great resource for anyone who wants to take their online course to the next level. Thinkific allows you to bring all of your course materials together onto one platform. No more bouncing between a Youtube video and a Google Drive full of supplementary PDFs.

However... Thinkific does have one thing missing. There's no way to integrate a blog directly into your course website.

adding a blog to thinkific

Looking for ways to blog in Thinkific?

I know, I know. Blogging is a pretty basic feature, & Thinkific doesn't have it. So what do you do now? 🤷🏼‍♂️

Well, their official support page on the subject gives you two options.

The first option is that you could just create a basic static page and paste your content there. And this would work fine if all you wanted to do was provide some links to your supplementary materials. But that's not really a blog. What if you're looking to regularly publish new content? Build your content marketing? Pump up your SEO? I think it's pretty obvious that a static page isn't robust enough for most serious users.

For those looking for an actual blog, Thinkific's other suggestion is that you create a blog on another platform and then link to it from your course website's header. Now, even if you found the perfect blogging platform with no drawbacks of its own, and even ignoring the fact that this is twice as much work getting the blog to match your Thinkific site, that's not really the seamless integration we're looking for.

You don't want your site visitors to leave your website just to visit your blog! That looks terrible! Like you've cobbled your resources together out of duct tape and broken dreams. But seriously, and more importantly, it cuts your SEO efforts down the middle by having part of your website on the Thinkific platform and having your blog on a completely different URL.

But don't fret. There's a better way... I'm getting there.

So what are my options?

blogging on thinkific vs Wix vs Wordpress


WordPress is the biggest, but not necessarily the easiest platform to get to know.

To set up a WordPress blog, you pay for a domain name and hosting plan like any other website, and then you install WordPress on it. To do that, you download the WordPress zip file, extract it, and upload the files to your website's backend manager. That's the easy part!

Once the installation is taken care of, you now need to customize the look of it. WordPress has hundreds of themes to choose from. But it's doubtful there's one that's an exact replica of your Thinkific website. So you'll need to tweak your WordPress design and do your best to get it to match the look of your Thinkific site.

And finally, once that's done (or at least its close enough), you'll need to find plugins for any features you want. For your basic blog, you'll want an SEO Analyzer, a media management plugin, and maybe a portfolio organizer. The best plugins will cost money, or at least they will if you want their full functionality. Not to mention, you'll have to make sure they have automatic updates, or else your blog's security could be compromised by an outdated plugin.

So yes, adding a blog to Thinkific using WordPress does work, but you can see what the drawbacks are.


Modular. Quick. Easy. That's Wix's motto, or at least it should be!

Wix prides itself on being a drag-and-drop website builder. That is, all you have to do is drag and drop each element you want on your site wherever it's supposed to go, and Wix will take care of the rest. They have a large collection of template themes, and their app store is pretty comprehensive. It's a great basic site builder.

Though unfortunately, the same drawbacks from WordPress also apply to Wix. Again with Wix, you have to copy over your Thinkific theme design, which might get more complicated than you're willing to deal with. You have to manually find and add integral features, which likely cost extra. And if you don't spring for a subscription plan, you'll have Wix watermarks and brand logos everywhere.

Not only that, but their pricing is pretty confusing. They're a website builder, but they price themselves like a hosting service: they charge for extra bandwidth and media storage space, rather than by the number of users or breadth of content like other website builders. So you'll need to take some time to figure out which plan is right for the ongoing growth of your website.

There's gotta be a better blogging solution!

I know, right??

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of blogging... of pumping out fresh content... establishing yourself as an authority in your niche... building rapport with your readers. So, of course, you need the best way to add a blog to your Thinkific site, as easily and seamlessly as possible.

Luckily, we have the solution to all your woes.

I present to you ~ DropInBlog!

DropInBlog has the quickest, easiest setup of any blogging platform out there, and it integrates with Thinkific flawlessly. All it takes is a few lines of code, copied and pasted into your Thinkific site builder and voila! In minutes you can add a full functioning blog to your Thinkific site.

We've written this handy blog post to guide you step by step through the setup.

The default DropInBlog layout is simple yet elegant, meaning it can fit into any website design right out of the box. It automatically inherits the CSS of your Thinkific site, so its colors, fonts, and styling will match your site automatically. Or, if you want to make some changes to the look of it, it's super easy with DropInBlog's built-in CSS editor.

The greatest thing about DropInBlog is that it includes all of the integral blogging features by default: media storage and organization, post scheduling, categories, multiple authors, and even assigning access privileges to different users. Most useful of all is the DropInBlog SEO Analyzer. The analyzer scans your post as you type and tells you how easy it is for search engines to find your content based on specified keywords. The analyzer gives you tips to help boost your ranking and get your blog noticed!

dropinblog seo analyzer

Get blogging on Thinkific now!

It's super easy and quick to get DropInBlog integrated into your Thinkific course website. With our 14-day free trial, there's no reason not to try it out.

What to do next?

Go ahead and give it a shot. You'll quickly see that DropInBlog is the ideal solution for adding a blog to your Thinkific site.

Reach out to us on Messenger if you run into any questions along the way. We're standing by, waiting to help you discover the joys of blogging with Thinkific & DropInBlog. 🤓

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