How to write your first blog post with DropInBlog

How to write your first blog post with DropInBlog

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Congratulations! You're ready to write your first blog post with DropInBlog!

If you've come this far, you've already done a few things:

You did do all those things already, right?

Great! Let's learn how to create our first post.

Getting Started

First things first, log in to the platform.

Once you're in, open up the admin panel by clicking "Posts" in the navigation bar.

How To Add a New Blog Post

You'll see a welcome banner and a list of posts. Right now, there are a few demo posts in the list. Click any of these to get started, or click "Add Post".

Using the Editor

Welcome to the DropInBlog text editor: the heart of the DropInBlog platform.

It's easy to add a title and some content to your post using the "Post Title" and "Content" boxes. Just start typing!

(Okay....maybe pick a topic first?)


Click the "Paragraph" dropdown to choose Paragraph or Header elements.

(hint: your Post Title is an H1 - we recommend H2 for any subsequent headings.) 


You're smart. You know that images are crucial to good posts. So we make it easy to add media:

  • click the "insert/edit image" or "insert/edit media" link:

insert/edit image

  • click the "search files" icon to use your own image as the source image. Right-click on images to open an editor to do things like grayscale, cropping, etc.

upload an image from your computer

  • click "upload" and select your image
  • format the image inside the main editor (center, resize, etc.)

The DropInBlog Difference

We're cooking now! Let's look at some less-obvious features.

Help Icons

DropInBlog includes tooltips next to every input. Use them to improve SEO, formatting, and uploads.

help icon tooltip

SEO Assistance

Just type in your keywords. Three scoring sections and an overall SEO ranking help you craft the perfect post around them.

seo analysis tool

CSS Optimization

DropInBlog makes it easy to preview what the final post will look like with your CSS applied. Just add your CSS source URL on the "Settings" page:

  • Click "Settings" in the top navigation bar
  • Input your blog URL and CSS URL into the form and save your changes

input blog url and css source url


You can add an author by picking a name from the dropdown next to the editor. To populate this dropdown, head over to the "Authors" tab in the navigation bar.

add an author


Click the "Categories" navigation tab to add some categories, then tag your post with them by checking the boxes next to the editor.

add categories and tags


Publishing is easy! Hit "Save Post" to save a draft of your post. Set your post to "Published" using the "Status" dropdown next to the editor when you're ready to go live. If you've already embedded your blog, it will automatically sync you your website.

publishing your post


That's all there is to it! You now know how to:

  • add a new post
  • add a title and content
  • upload, edit and format images
  • make your post SEO friendly
  • preview your custom CSS
  • add an author and categories

As you can see, it's super easy to get up and running with DropInBlog! Have questions? Drop us a line on Facebook Messenger, or reach out via the support page.

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