Scheduling blog posts with DropInBlog

Scheduling blog posts with DropInBlog

Christopher Christopher
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Scheduled posts have arrived

Scheduled posts have been a long-requested feature, and now they're here! Our standard plan subscribers can now queue their blog posts for publishing days, months, or even years in advance!

Why schedule your blog posts?

Just get finished with your latest scathing editorial, but see that it's 3am? Have a game review ready, but remember you have an advanced copy and can't post about it publicly for a week? No problem! Just hit the 'Scheduled' button in the Status section of the post editor and select the day and time you'd like your post to go live; DropinBlog will take care of the rest.

Who will benefit the most?

'Scheduled Posts' is ideal for those writers that can crank out ten articles in a single day, but don't want them all blasting out at once. That kind of volume will just overwhelm your readers. Instead, you can easily make it so your content releases are staggered over the following days, weeks, or even months, giving your audience time to absorb and think about all the amazing stuff you're giving them.

It's also great for people who want to get their thoughts down while they're fresh, but don't want them to go out into the wild right then. Post too soon, and your opinions get lost in the deluge of people posting their first reactions; post too late, and nobody cares about the subject or your opinions anymore.

Start scheduling posts today!

This new, exciting and powerful feature is available to our Standard Plan subscribers, so if you've been thinking about upgrading your account, now is a great time!

Other features available to Standard Plan subscribers include:

  • Creating and assigning Authors to individual posts
  • Allowing different access privileges with User Levels
  • Priority service from our support staff
  • Unlimited posts!
  • And of course, instant access to every new feature we implement

As always, DropinBlog is here to make your blogging experience as streamlined as possible. If you have any questions about our features or plans and don't see the answer on our Support page, give us a shout on Messenger or shoot us an email.

If you're unsure if DropinBlog is right for you, register for our two-week free trial and see how much easier your blogging experience could be.

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