15 Best ClickFunnels Templates [Free & Pro]

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As a superb sales and marketing funnel builder, ClickFunnels offers a lot in the templates domain. It’s no wonder that this platform puts so much emphasis on templates. Well-built funnel templates can dramatically reduce the time you spend on building a funnel and give you a significant head start over your competition.

ClickFunnels home page

In this article, we’ll review some of the best ClickFunnels templates found on the ClickFunnels Marketplace. We’ll focus only on funnel templates, leaving single-page templates out of our discussion. So, fasten your seatbelt and join us on our journey into the world of ClickFunnels templates.

ClickFunnels Marketplace

Before we dive into the topic of ClickFunnels templates, let’s take a short look at the ClickFunnels Marketplace.

The ClickFunnels Marketplace is a space where you can do three things:

  1. Pick from a host of single-page and funnel templates.
  2. Connect with a professional who can create a custom design made specifically for your business. 
  3. Become a seller yourself – a ClickFunnels expert who offers templates to other ClickFunnels customers.

ClickFunnels Marketplace

The only point relevant to us here is the first one, so we’ll stick strictly to it without straying from the main topic.

General Notes on the ClickFunnels Templates

The ClickFunnels Marketplace offers both free and paid templates. As we mentioned before, there are two types of templates: whole funnels and single-page templates divided into different categories. 

At the center of our interest are only the whole funnels, and there are 15 subcategories that allow you to build:

  1. Opt-in funnels, which turn your visitors into subscribers, leaving their relevant information (name, email, and so on) in return for some free gift (valuable information on an important topic, free e-book, etc.).
  2. Sales funnels, or your typical funnels that lead your contacts through multiple stages until they convert into customers.
  3. Membership funnels consist of membership access and membership area pages, whose purpose is to get your audience to sign up for your content hidden behind a paywall (courses, coaching programs, exclusive blog posts, etc.).
  4. Webinar funnels, as their name suggests, help you get more signups for your webinars.
  5. Webinar replays are a subtype of webinar funnels specifically concerned with webinar replays, also called auto-webinars, which can be accessed 24/7, unlike live broadcast webinars.
  6. Product launch funnels create a build-up for your more exclusive and expensive products or services to make your leads more inclined to buy them.
  7. Squeeze page funnels direct your audience to a page where you “squeeze” their personal and contact information out of them by offering something attractive in return. 
  8. Reverse squeeze page funnels are unique in that through them, you can give away something to your visitors before they leave their contact information. 
  9. Lead magnet funnels are very similar to opt-in funnels. The difference is that there’s a stronger emphasis on the lead magnet itself, meaning the product or service you give away to your audience. 
  10. Bridge funnels include a so-called bridge page whose purpose is “to connect two different but related ideas for the customer.” For instance, the first idea can be successfully losing weight, and the second, a keto diet. The bridge page would connect these two types of information presented on different funnel pages by explaining what a keto diet is and the relationship between this type of diet and losing weight.
  11. Survey funnels ask your leads to take a survey after they leave their contact information, intending to provide more personalized and relevant offers to your potential customers.
  12. Application funnels are usually used to offer premium coaching and mentorship programs/services. They allow your visitors to apply for these programs and services and “get the opportunity to work with you.”
  13. Ask campaign funnels, whose purpose is to allow you to ask your prospective customers open-ended questions and learn what they want, need, and expect from you, help you make the necessary improvements that translate into more conversions. 
  14. Two-step tripwire funnels allow you to offer some of your more affordable products with the aim of adding a more expensive product (via an order bump, upsell, or downsell) to your offering when your visitor decides to purchase the cheaper product. 
  15. Daily deal funnels allow you to run evergreen campaigns and urge your customers to share your offering with someone close who they think would want a part of the same deal.

In addition to categories, on the ClickFunnels Marketplace, you can search for a funnel template based on tags such as website, mortgage, real estate, sports, and more.

ClickFunnels templates tags

However you decide to do your search, according to a category or a tag, you can sort the search result based on five different criteria:

  • Top rated
  • Newest
  • Bestselling
  • Price: low to high
  • Price: high to low

15 ClickFunnels Templates

In this article, we’ll show you one template of our choice from each of the 15 categories. When deciding which template to single out, we considered five factors: design, ratings, popularity, price, and unclutteredness. 

1. Opt-in Funnel Template: Real Estate Listing (Opt-in and Thank You Page)

The Real Estate Listing template is among the highest-rated and most popular opt-in funnel templates. On top of that, at just $17, it’s one of the most affordable. In terms of unclutteredness, it‘s pretty clean and has a simple but good design. 

The following image shows only a part of the template, but we think it’s sufficient to help you gain at least some idea of what your opt-in funnel would look like:

Opt-in funnel template ClickFunnels templates

As you could have guessed, the template was created for real estate sales and marketing businesses, and its objective is to attract users looking for real estate listings. It’s responsive, meaning that your funnel pages would look good on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

The template consists of two steps, i.e., pages. The first one is a showcase or opt-in page. It introduces your company and gives reasons why users should trust it and work with you instead of your competitors. This page includes the following noteworthy features:

  • A sticky bar
  • A short video that introduces your firm
  • A photo gallery
  • Social proof
  • A CTA (call to action)

The second is a “thank you” page. It was created with customization in mind, so you can edit it however you see fit.

The Real Estate Listing funnel template is suitable for use with Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and LinkedIn Ads.

2. Sales Funnel Template: Blog Authority - Sales & Membership Funnel

The Blog Authority template costs $297. Obviously, it’s on the pricey side, but it seems to be well worth it. It’s extremely well-designed, consists of several different pages, and is among the top-rated sales funnel templates. In short, there’s not much you wouldn’t like about it.

Sales funnel template ClickFunnels templates

As the name clearly indicates, the Blog Authority funnel template is suitable for promoting your blog training and sharing your expertise in the area with the rest of the world. For instance, you can share your experience and knowledge on blogging platforms like DropInBlog or teach users how to install a blog and start blogging on ClickFunnels

To achieve its purpose, this funnel template includes multiple segments:

    • A survey opt-in page: attracts users to opt in and find out more about your training.
    • A sales page: allows your visitors to add your product to the cart and start the checkout process.
    • An order page: includes a simple form for users to complete the purchase of your product.
  • An upgrade OTO page: suggests a product upgrade, i.e., offers an upsell.
  • A membership access page: allows users who bought your blog training to create an account and get access to your membership area, i.e., their training material.
  • An order confirmation page: shows your customer the product or products they bought.
  • A membership area page: where users can actually access the training material they bought along with a free bonus product.
  • A follow-up email series: automated emails that your newly-gained customer will receive in the following seven days after their purchase, the purpose of which is to help them start off on the right foot and get the most out of your training material.
  • An upgrade order page: reiterates the product upgrade suggestion in a slightly different form in case users change their mind and decide to buy more of your products.

3. Membership Funnel Template: Membership Funnel – Gordon

The Membership Funnel – Gordon template is very popular, highly rated, beautifully designed, and – the best part – absolutely free. We just love simple dark designs, so we may be biased, but aesthetically speaking, it’s one of the most stunning ClickFunnel templates we’ve ever seen. 

Membership funnel template ClickFunnels templates

It consists of four steps:

  • VSL (video sales letter) with an order form
  • Offer wall
  • Membership access page
  • Membership area

This funnel template supports custom CSS and JS code editing, so if you know your way around coding, you can tweak it to be more in line with your brand and personal preferences.

4. Webinar Funnel Template: Professional High-Ticket Funnel

The Professional High-Ticket Funnel template has a steep price of $297. What justifies the high price? Well, this template is feature-rich, perfectly suitable for promoting and selling high-ticket products, second-most popular in terms of sales, and second-best rated webinar funnel template overall. 

As far as the design is concerned, we personally are not huge fans, but when you consider everything else together with the design, the template is definitely worth it.

Webinar funnel template ClickFunnels templates

The Professional High-Ticket Funnel includes as many as 10 different pages:

  • Registration page for WebinarJam
  • Registration page for GoToWebinar
  • Thank you page
  • Schedule now page
  • Application page
  • Call script page
  • Order form page
  • Confirmation page
  • Membership setup
  • Membership access

If you’re wondering what the registration pages for WebinarJam and GoToWebinar are there for, they’re included because the funnel was built to promote webinars run through these two platforms. However, its creator does not forget to mention that you could run your webinars through ClickFunnels as well, but that would require some custom code adjustments. 

5. Webinar Replay Funnel Template: Multipurpose Coach, Author, and Consultant Auto Webinar

When it comes to webinar replay funnel templates, there’s not much choice: there are only four templates to choose from. Anyway, we chose the Multipurpose Coach, Author, and Consultant Auto Webinar (that’s a single template) mostly for its design and cleanliness.

Priced at $147, it’s the most expensive option out of the four, but we think that this template’s simple and elegant design, together with how neat it looks, outweigh the cons, including the high price. This is a glimpse of this beautiful funnel template:

Webinar replay funnel template ClickFunnels templates

This funnel template is geared primarily toward online consultants and coaches as well as authors. It consists of four parts:

    • Registration page: revolves around your USP (unique selling proposition).
    • Countdown page: includes a countdown timer, additional information on when the webinar takes place, and more.
    • Broadcast room: this is where your audience will see your webinar as well as CTA buttons and payment icons.
  • Order form: the name says it all.

6. Product Launch Funnel Template: Jason Product Launch Funnel

Before we continue, there’s one thing you need to know: when browsing through different funnel template categories, you’ll find that some of the same “themes” show up among the results in different categories. 

We say “themes” because the design and the name of the template can be slightly changed to correspond to the different purposes the template is used for. So, technically, it’s not the same template, but it’s the same theme (same seller, same colors, same aesthetic approach, etc.) 

For instance, you’ll find the same Gordon theme we explored in the membership funnel subsection among the product launch funnel templates as well. However, it’ll be under a different name and adapted to the different contexts of use.

To avoid repetition and show you more options, we’ll always show different themes, not just different templates. Nonetheless, keep in mind that you’ll be able to find at least some of the same themes across different funnel categories.

With that out of the way, the Jason Product Launch Funnel template is free to use and has a pretty decent design. It has a great rating, and it’s currently among the top five best-selling product launch funnel templates. 

This is what it would look like (at least a part of it) if you decide to use it:

Product launch funnel template ClickFunnels templates

The template consists of a product launch page and an order form. Some of the features it includes are:

  • A large-size video
  • A video gallery
  • A possibility to offer an upsell

7. Squeeze Page Funnel Template: Landscaper Squeeze Page Funnel by DoMy.Site

The Landscaper Squeeze Page Funnel looks fantastic. With a great combination of lively colors and easily readable text, it stuns with its look and communicates the main idea of the funnel very clearly. It costs $97, and it’s the best-rated squeeze page funnel template.

Squeeze page funnel template ClickFunnels templates

This funnel template includes a squeeze page, long-form sales page, and “thank you” page with click-to-call. Besides the click-to-call, some of its other notable features are:

  • Above-the-fold header with CTA
  • Features and benefits section
  • Photo gallery
  • Appointment maker
  • Company awards and highlights
  • News and updates section
  • Social proof
  • Footer, etc. 

8. Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel Template: CBDEVO Hemp Oil MLM Network Marketing Opt-in & Sales Page Funnel

This template has a long and wordy name, so we’ll use the alternative name CBDEVO Hemp Oil Bridge Funnel. 

Anyway, this template comes at the price of $147, it’s one of the best-rated reverse squeeze page templates, and it has an amazing design. The seller even provides a live preview of the funnel template:

Reverse squeeze page funnel template ClickFunnels templates

Some funnel features worth mentioning are the following:

  • An opt-in form
  • A section that explains the benefits of your product
  • A large-size video
  • A products section that provides more information on your products
  • Testimonials

9. Lead Magnet Funnel Template: Rippln - Lead Magnet

There are some much better-looking lead magnet funnel templates. Still, the RippIn template is a general-purpose template (in terms of what industries can use it) made by ClickFunnels; it’s completely free, simple, highly popular, and it’s among the top-rated, so we decided to include it in our list here.

Lead magnet funnel template ClickFunnels templates

This funnel consists of a lead magnet and a “thank you” page, and it allows you to make edits using custom CSS and JavaScript code. 

However, do keep in mind that the ClickFunnels support does not cover coding. This means that if you want to modify the funnel through custom code but don’t have the necessary coding knowledge and experience, you’ll have to hire a professional developer.

10. Bridge Funnel Template: B2B Bridge Funnel

The B2B bridge Funnel has an excellent design and great rankings. It’s a premium bridge funnel template that costs $147, but besides being extremely well-designed and feature-rich, it includes an email sequence as a bonus.


The following is a list of some of the things this template includes:

  • Squeeze page, bridge page, and sales page
  • Lead magnet
  • Upsell
  • Tutorial videos
  • Social proof
  • Different email sequences
  • Setup guide

11. Survey Funnel Template: Breeze Survey Funnel

Like so many other ClickFunnels templates, the Breeze Survey Funnel template is free to use. This template is simplicity itself. Aesthetics-wise, there’s nothing spectacular about it. Yet somehow, with its light colors and simple design, it looks pretty good and appealing.


As this funnel template’s purpose is to allow you to conduct a survey, it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s as simple as it is. In addition to its design, it has a very straightforward structure as well. 

The Breeze Survey Funnel consists of only one page where users will see and answer your survey questions. In addition to the questions, the page includes a section with information about you and your business.

This template also supports custom CSS and JS customization, but as we said before, if you don’t know your way around code, you’ll need help from a professional to take advantage of this feature.

12. Application Funnel Template: Business Consultant Application Funnel

The Business Consultant Application Funnel is the best-rated application funnel template. It costs $147, and on top of all the other features it includes, it comes with a free five-step email sequence added as a bonus.

Design-wise, this is a professional-looking and pretty clean template. It’s not built with any particular industry in mind, so you can use it regardless of what niche you’re working in.


The Business Consultant Application Funnel template includes four different parts:

  • Reverse squeeze page
  • Email opt-in
  • Application page
  • Thank you page

Some of the notable features the template include are the following:

  • Benefits section
  • Informational section on you and your business success
  • Application form
  • Social media contact section
  • Video section
  • Five emails optimized for conversion

13. Ask Campaign Funnel Template: Luminos Ask Campaign Funnel

The Luminos Ask Campaign Funnel was also made by ClickFunnels. It’s among the top three ask campaign funnel templates, and it’s free. Moreover, it has a beautiful free theme that combines dark and light colors and includes only two pages: an ask page and a “thank you” page.

Ask campaign funnel template ClickFunnels templates

There’s not much else to say about this template apart from the fact that the interesting color combination is probably its most striking feature.

14. Two-Step Tripwire Funnel Template: Beauty Product Tripwire Funnel

As its name indicates, the Beauty Product Tripwire Funnel template is an industry-specific template. It has a beautiful and elegant design with gentle colors, fitting a funnel that promotes and sells beauty products.

This template is a bit expensive: it costs $297, but considering its superb design and the many features it offers (including multiple email sequences), the high price doesn’t come as a big surprise.

2-step tripwire funnel template ClickFunnels templates

This funnel template consists of five main parts:

  • Low-ticket item offer
  • One-time offer upsell
  • Downsell page
  • Offer wall page
  • Email sequence

Speaking of email sequences, the Beauty Product Tripwire Funnel template comes with three types of email sequences:

  • Five conversion-boosting emails
  • Four upsell cart abandon sequence emails
  • Three cart abandon sequence emails

15. Daily Deal Funnel Template: #1 Drop Shipping Daily Deal Funnel

We’re not sure why the sellers give such cumbersome names to the templates they offer, but anyway, we’ve come to the last funnel template we recommend: the #1 Drop Shipping Daily Deal Funnel. Obviously, they've created this one for dropshipping businesses, so it probably won’t do for other purposes.

Daily deal funnel template ClickFunnels templates

This is a premium funnel template that ranks very high among the daily deal funnel templates. It costs $147, and some of the great features it includes are:

  • Product description, benefits, and features section
  • Product video
  • Customer reviews
  • Three email sequences
  • Ability to use custom code for editing purposes

If we don’t count the email sequences, this funnel template has three main parts:

  • Exclusive daily deal offer
  • Two-step order form
  • Share page


Currently, there is no known way to import your own HTML template into ClickFunnels, but the platform allows you to freely edit whichever template you choose from their selection. 

On the other hand, ClickFunnels allows you to save your own page templates and use them in a different funnel. For example, if you like how your design turned out in a particular funnel, you can save it and use it elsewhere. Here’s a helpful article from their Help Center explaining the process.

Yes! ClickFunnels has both free and paid templates, so even if your budget is tight at the beginning, you can still choose a free template before you upgrade and switch to a paid one. The free templates are just as functional as the paid ones and can be edited to fit into your brand aesthetic.

To remove a template from ClickFunnels, you need to go to your Account Settings because that’s where everything is saved, including the page templates and the email templates.

Next, locate “Page Templates” in the menu on the left (it’s under “Assets”) and click on it. Choose the template you want to delete, hover over it, then select “Edit Template” to open it. Finally, click “Delete Template,” and you’re done! 

Final Thoughts

This article was a dive into the world of ClickFunnels templates. Apart from our short section on the ClickFunnels Marketplace, the rest of it was dedicated exclusively to specific templates, and we hope you’ve found your pick among them.

As you can see, there are a ton of funnel templates on the ClickFunnels Marketplace in 15 different categories. Nevertheless, many available templates are variations on the same theme. This means that you can find very similar templates, usually by the same seller, in different template categories. 

Do we think ClickFunnels is worth it? Absolutely. Regardless of what category of funnel you want to build, you can use it in different contexts once you’ve found a winning theme. One of the advantages is that if you find a theme that you like, you can just stick with it, especially if it’s a free template. On the other hand, if you prefer versatility, you can always refer to this list of 15 ClickFunnels templates. 

Good luck with your search for the perfect funnel template!

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