ClickFunnels Pricing: Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

Zoran Zoran
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Are you considering the famous sales and marketing funnel builder ClickFunnels as a potential software solution for your business? As with any choice regarding a platform, pricing is something you have to take into account. We’ll help you to do just that.

In the following few sections, we’ll discuss the ClickFunnels pricing system and outline whether this platform is worth your money, time, and effort. Let’s get started.

ClickFunnels Pricing is Clickfunnels worth it - home page

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Before we explore the ClickFunnels pricing plans, there are a few important things you need to know about its pricing system.

Currently, this platform offers three pricing plans: 

  • Basic 
  • Pro 
  • FunnelHacker
Basic Pro FunnelHacker
$147/month (billed monthly) $197/month (billed monthly) $297/month (billed monthly)
$127/month (billed annually) $157/month (billed annually) $209/month (billed annually)
1 website 1 website 3 websites
20 sales and marketing funnels 100 sales funnels Unlimited funnels
Unlimited funnel pages, products, and emails Unlimited funnel pages, products, and emails Unlimited funnel pages, products, and emails
1 admin user 5 admin users 15 admin users
1 custom domain allowed per account 3 custom domains 9 domains
10,000 contacts 25,000 contacts 200,000 contacts
Basic analytics Basic analytics Advanced analytics
Affiliate program Affiliate program
API access API access
Share funnels Share funnels
Liquid theme editor Liquid theme editor

However, not so long ago, another ClickFunnels plan was available called Two Comma Club X. This was the ClickFunnels highest-tier or premium package, and it came with an equally high price tag of $2,497/month. 

We won’t get into details of why the Two Comma Club X had this extremely steep price and whether it was worthwhile. Rather, we want you to know that many reviews on ClickFunnels that are still circulating make reference to this pricing plan, even though it is no more.

The second important thing to note is that as of October 4th, 2022, they released a new version called ClickFunnels 2.0

ClickFunnels 2.0 sneak peek - ClickFunnels Pricing Is ClickFunnels Worth It

For more information on the exciting changes that ClickFunnels 2.0 brings with it, check out the ClickFunnels blog post titled Sneak Peek: ClickFunnels 2.0.

The ClickFunnels Basic Plan


The Basic plan, shown simply as ClickFunnels on the official site, is the most affordable ClickFunnels offering. It comes at two prices, depending on whether you select monthly or annual billing: 

  • $147/month (billed monthly)
  • $127/month (billed annually) 

If you decide to pay annually, you’ll have to shell out the full $1,524 in advance. It may seem like a high upfront cost, but in the long run, you save money. If you opt for monthly payments, you end up paying $1,764 over the course of a year.

In addition to saving money, there’s another bonus to choosing an annual subscription. Only with the yearly subscription can you get access to priority live video support (regardless of your plan). This is a part of a special ClickFunnels discount offer, and you can learn more about it here.

ClickFunnels priority video support

Having live video support means that if you get stuck while building your funnel, a ClickFunnels expert will help you via a video call. We’re sure you want to know more about the other ClickFunnels features now. 


ClickFunnels actually has a long list of beneficial features, but we’re not going to go through them all. Instead, we’ll focus only on the ones in the Basic plan that we consider the most important. 

Some of the awesome things that the ClickFunnels Basic plan allows you to do includes the following:

  • Build up to 20 sales and marketing funnels.
  • Create unlimited funnel pages of different types, such as landing pages, sales pages, thank you pages, etc.
  • Build a contact list with up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Use the intuitive and simple drag-and-drop editor to edit your funnels/pages.
  • Choose from a host of free and paid funnel and page templates available, directly through your admin dashboard or on the ClickFunnels Marketplace.
  • Use split testing to test different variants of your pages and find out which one converts better.
  • Get help via a ticketing system at any time of the day, any day of the week, or ask for live chat support during workdays.
  • Access basic analytics tools.
  • Create and share funnels with others or duplicate funnels already built by other ClickFunnels customers.

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix - ClickFunnels Pricing Is ClickFunnels Worth It

Who Is the Basic Plan For? 

As its name suggests, the Basic plan’s purpose is to meet basic business needs. This means that it’s primarily geared toward start-ups, smaller new businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers with limited experience.

The Basic plan has two main drawbacks – a reduction in the number of features available and access to only basic analytics tools.

Of course, when you have to use multiple platforms to get all the features you want, things get a bit cluttered, and this is less than ideal. In that sense, the Basic plan is not the most elegant solution, especially for those looking to streamline operations. 

Moreover, with the Basic plan, you’ll be limited to creating funnels and nothing more. This means that you’ll need to pay for additional third-party apps to fulfill your business needs. In the end, the Basic plan can prove inefficient in terms of its cost.

The ClickFunnels Pro Plan


As with the Basic plan, you can choose to pay monthly or annually, and the same cost savings can be calculated. The two payment options for the Pro plan are:

  • $197 per month (billed monthly) 
  • $157 per month (billed annually)

When you pay each month, you will end up paying a total of $2,364 over a year. Whereas, with the upfront payment for the whole year, the ClickFunnels Pro plan costs $1,884.


All of the features found in the Basic plan are available in the Pro plan, but you get higher quantities of the same features. 

In the Pro plan you’ll get:

  • 100 funnels
  • Unlimited pages, workflows, and products
  • 3 domains instead of one
  • 5 admin users
  • A contact list of up to 25,000 contacts
  • Basic marketing analytics tools
  • Priority support (so you won’t have to wait in the queue as long as the non-priority customers) 
  • Membership to the Affiliate Program and ShareFunnels
  • API Access
  • Liquid Theme Editor and the CF1 Maintenance Mode Plan

Who Is the Pro Plan For?

This plan is for established companies and experienced entrepreneurs and marketers. It can work pretty well for scaling businesses and for businesses with high outputs. The Pro plan price suggests that it caters to business owners who have seen considerable success and, consequently, have bigger budgets.

Ultimately, the Pro plan price is on the higher end. However, considering all the features that it includes and the positive customer experiences, it’s fair to say we think it does offer good value for money

Having said that, it’s only good value for money if you really need it. If your business really needs a premium funnel builder like ClickFunnels, then you’ll likely get good value out of it. Otherwise, you might not be able to make the most of what it can do.

The ClickFunnels FunnelHacker Plan

The recently added FunnelHacker plan gives you access to an enormous number of features, all for a price that’s only slightly higher than the Pro plan. 

In this package, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • 15 admin users
  • 9 custom domains
  • Up to 200,000 contacts
  • Unlimited workflows, pages, and products
  • Access to advanced analytics tools
  • Membership to the Affiliate Program and ShareFunnels
  • API Access
  • Liquid Theme Editor and the CF1 Maintenance Mode Plan

Who Is the FunnelHacker Plan For?

The FunnelHacker plan has recently been added and is available for a limited time. Although we’re not sure exactly how long, it would be safe to say the great value will be a tempting offer. Those with much larger businesses turning over greater profits will get a lot of benefits from unlimited funnels and advanced analytics tools.

One Funnel Away Challenges

The One Funnel Away Challenges are not pricing plans. They’re exclusive offers that include training and access to selected ClickFunnels features or programs at discounted prices. 

When you sign up for a One Funnel Away Challenge you’ll go through a thirty-day course, during which you receive different tasks each day. The idea is to provide an intensive training course on developing funnels, assisted by video and live coaching sessions, as well as some additional educational material. Some of the sessions even include coaching from the founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson.

You’ll learn all you need to know to develop your first funnel – you don’t even need to have a product to join. However, you will have to join the waiting list to be notified of the next funnel challenge. 

ClickFunnels One Funnel Away challenge - ClickFunnels Pricing Is ClickFunnels Worth It

For more information on the One Funnel Away Challenge, check out this ClickFunnels article.

Other Things to Know

Are There Any Additional Costs?

On ClickFunnels, you don’t need to pay any fees beyond your regular monthly or annual subscription fees. However, there are some other costs that you need to take into account when considering this platform as a potential solution for your business. 


One of them is custom domains. When we talked about pricing plans, we mentioned that ClickFunnels allows you to connect a certain number of custom domains to your account. However, they’re not provided for free by the company

If you don’t already own a custom domain bought elsewhere, you can get one or more through ClickFunnels. Typically, a domain from ClickFunnels will cost about $20 per year.

Payment Gateways

This next one is a pretty much standard additional cost that you just cannot avoid no matter what sales and marketing platform you’re using. We’re talking about the cut that payment processors like Stripe and PayPal take from your earnings every time a customer purchases from you. 

They won’t charge you in advance, but you’ll always share a part of your sale with your payment processing provider.


Needless to say, integrations are an added cost. With the rollout of ClickFunnels 2.0, they’ve added a blog feature. However, if you need really professional blogging, you can integrate a specialized blogging app like DropInBlog

Free Trial

As with many other business software solutions, ClickFunnels offers a free trial. You can try out the platform for 14 days free of charge before you decide whether it’s suitable for your business.

ClickFunnels Pricing is ClickFunnels worth it - free trial

Do shop around, though, because you may find a longer free trial period through an affiliate link. So, pay attention to the links in and below the reviews you’re reading or watching. 


The three pricing plans on offer can be paid in monthly or annual payments. Paying annually gives a slight discount compared to paying monthly over the same duration. For example, the Basic plan costs $147 per month when paying monthly, but it works out to $127 per month if you pay once a year. 

Similarly, the Pro plan costs $197 per month if paying monthly ($2,364 over a year), but the annual payment option works out to $157 per month ($1,884 a year).

ClickFunnels does not charge anything on top of your subscription fee. However, you’ll need to check with your chosen payment gateway, as they will have their own policy regarding transaction fees.

Another frequently mentioned e-commerce landing page builder is Leadpages. Leadpages allows you to do much the same thing as ClickFunnels but for a much lower price tag. With Leadpages, the Pro plan with all the bells and whistles will cost you $99 a month, or $888 a year ($74 per month). The best part? It also integrates with DropinBlog!

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

We’ve looked at the ins and outs of the ClickFunnels pricing system and special offers. Here are our concluding thoughts:

  1. ClickFunnels is not cheap.
  2. As of writing this article, there are three ClickFunnels pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and FunnelHacker. In our opinion, the first one is not cost-effective, while the second is expensive but feature-packed and potentially worthwhile.
  3. ClickFunnels regularly offers special deals in the form of One Funnel Away Challenges. These challenges are designed to provide intensive training and access to all the features so you can develop your first sales funnel.

Overall, based on everything we have said about ClickFunnels, as well as our knowledge of this platform’s culture, is ClickFunnels worth it? 

We would really like to provide a decisive answer to that question, but it depends. The fact that ClickFunnels has been around since 2013, and is considered among the most popular business management platforms, tells a story of success. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, this funnel builder might not be cost-efficient for everyone. If you need an excellent specialized funnel builder, and you have a developed or rapidly developing business with a solid budget, ClickFunnels could be for you. 

If you don’t need software specialized for funnel building, ClickFunnels may be overkill and overly expensive. In the end, whether ClickFunnels is worth it really depends on your specific business requirements.

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