How to Blog Effectively and Affordably with DropInBlog

How to Blog Effectively and Affordably with DropInBlog

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If you are a beginner blogger, chances are you have a lot of questions. Learning how to blog effectively can make a big difference in your website’s success. Choosing the right software to upload your blog can be confusing and time-consuming. Instead, try DropInBlog for a stress-free, inexpensive and intuitive way to upload blog content.

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What Is Your Goal for Blogging?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to start a blog. If you already have a blog, there are plenty of ways to learn how to make it more effective. Perhaps your main reason for blogging is to:

  • Add media to your website for better engagement 
  • Update a newsfeed quickly and easily 
  • Share information 
  • Boost your SEO (an active website is one part of the SEO puzzle) 

When done right, blogging with DropInBlog can help you achieve all of that and more. Let’s see each point in more detail.

A Variety of Media Is More Engaging

Adding media like videos, music, infographics, and photographs to a website can be difficult. It’s usually a drawn-out process, with the risk of breaking the site possible at every step. Yet adding media creates a more visually appealing website and is likely to hold visitors on the page longer – which is what you want. 

DropInBlog allows you to upload media quickly, easily, and successfully every time. This is also the case when updating time-sensitive information such as a newsfeed. 

Quickly Update a Newsfeed

Speaking of newsfeeds, they’re short tidbits of information you want your readers to see, and it’s crucial that they’re updated quickly. DropInBlog makes it easy to build a newsfeed with the latest information you want your viewers to see and read. 

You don’t need to stress every time you want to update one little thing on that newsfeed. DropInBlog makes it quick and simple to switch up anything you want, whenever you want.

Engage Your Customers

While blogs do provide much-needed information, they also allow you to engage with and understand your customer better. You can find out what your customers want to read and provide more of what they want – driving even more traffic to your site. 

Another way to engage with more customers is through social media. With DropInBlog, blog posts are easily shareable on social media, which means your content can reach a wider audience. 

Whichever way you choose to engage your audience, you still want to upload your content, add photos, and be able to format everything easily to maintain readability across the page – exactly what DropInBlog offers.

Boost On-Page SEO

In order to improve your website’s SEO rating, it helps to keep your website active. Regularly adding content to your site shows a website is actively being updated and actively gaining traffic. Using DropInBlog, you can easily add as much content as you need to increase the SEO rating of your website. You can do this all without setting new themes, installing new plugins, or downloading anything new each time you add content.

DropInBlog has an in-built SEO Analyzer that gives you pointers on improving your overall SEO score. Add a primary keyword, a meta title, and a meta description, and when you upload content, you’ll see a color-coded scoring guide like this:

SEO scoring system

There are many other reasons you might want to learn how to blog effectively with these being just a few. No matter what your reason is, you will get the best benefit from blogging if you use DropInBlog. 

Signing Up for DropInBlog

Signing up for DropInBlog is simple. Just plug in your contact information and start uploading content almost instantly!

DropInBlog integrates with a wide range of platforms, so you’ll likely find an integration tutorial dedicated specifically to your needs. 

DropinBlog integration options

There are two integration options that you can take – HTML integration or JSON API. Your choice of integration method will depend on your level of expertise in blogging and building websites. For the beginners, maybe opt for the simple HTML integration method.

Simple HTML Integration Method

For the simple HTML method, such as when uploading your very first post, all you need to do is take a few lines of code and drop it into your existing template. DropInBlog handles all the technical stuff behind the scenes on a remote cloud-based program. Leave the technology up to the experts.

What you’ll be doing is as simple as this:

HTML integration process

Using widgets, you can show categories in the footer of your page, toggle between multiple posts and much more. These widgets are easy to use and won’t weigh down the speed of your website. They require no additional downloads, complicated updates, or disappointing themes and formats.

Your newly-uploaded blog content will inherit the style your existing webpage already has. Having to create a new theme or reformat the style every time you upload a blog is really frustrating, and we don’t think you should have to do it. 

That’s where DropInBlog comes in handy. Your page will look great instantly, with minimal effort from you. 

However, if you need to make changes, DropInBlog gives you full CSS control. Make the exact style changes you want, including changing the font, color, the text size. Using the traditional HTML code allows for greater usability and intuitive changes.

HTML integration is the easier way to upload content to your website. However, for a more advanced method of integrating blog content, you can use the JSON API integration method.

JSON API Integration Method

For the more advanced user, JSON API gives you much more control than the HTML integration method. You’ll have full access to your blog and the ability to output and format it any way that you want.

This integration software is made by developers, for developers – and it is especially loved by developers. It includes all of the features that you want, while the API doesn’t get in the way of your unique creativity.

JSON API gives you a fully structured data set and flexible usage of posts, pages, and media, once embedded. Make your page look exactly as you want and play around with styling formats. In other words, have fun with it.

There are code examples to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. These PHP code examples make integration super simple. For more detail on this integration method check out our JSON API documentation.

Package Pricing

DropInBlog is totally free for your first 14 days. That means we are so confident that you will love the software, we are giving you the reins to enjoy it free of charge for two whole weeks.

Once those two weeks are up, you have the option to choose one of two packages, depending on your website’s specific needs.

Dropinblog pricing

Lite Package

The Lite package is $19 per month (paid yearly). This package allows you to make unlimited posts and gives you unlimited categories, as well as nearly all of the features offered by DropInBlog. It’s a pretty reasonable package price for what is essentially all the tools you need. 

Standard Package

The Standard package is $39 per month (paid yearly). The difference between the Lite and Standard packages is that the Standard package has additional features like the ability to add multiple post authors, post scheduling, and a blog search. You will also receive priority customer support. 


DropInBlog isn’t the cheapest option out there, but it’s very good value. Everything you need to develop and publish an effective blog comes standard with DropInBlog – no need to pay for add-ons. 

Moreover, SEO is integral to blogging, and DropInBlog’s SEO Analyzer tool is included in the price. These tools are often something you pay extra for. Lastly, a rather “nice to have” bonus with DropInBlog is the high-quality, personable customer support you’ll receive. Both of these things are well-worth paying for, and we think DropInBlog is very affordable considering this. 

Yes, DropInBlog gives you the ability to create templates that you can reuse over and over, for simplicity. You can customize these however you like by adding your own CSS. DropInBlog aims to provide you with a convenient blogging integration that is increasingly flexible. You can make the look and feel entirely your own.

You’ll have no trouble with pages weighed down by excess code or add-ons. DropInBlog is lightweight and loads fast every time. This is good for SEO and good for your blog.

Get Started with DropInBlog Today

All in all, with DropInBlog, you’ll have all the tools at your disposal to blog effectively and affordably. This platform is quick and easy to get started with, so you can get straight to blogging. 

You can optimize your content with the SEO Analyzer and add new blog posts as frequently as you want. Publishing engaging, SEO-friendly content has never been easier. We’ve considered every aspect of successful blogging and put it into this one convenient product.

You can be sure DropInBlog is worth every penny. Try it yourself and take advantage of the 14-day free trial!

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