How to Create a  Blog on GoDaddy Website Builder

How to Create a Blog on GoDaddy Website Builder

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Want to learn how to create a blog on GoDaddy website builder? No matter what kind of business you run or service you provide, there are plenty of options out there to help you create the ideal blog that will help get you noticed.

However, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and confused by the options available, particularly if what you’re really looking for is a simple blogging solution. Don’t spend time pulling your hair out over the difficulties with GoDaddy formatting, WordPress plugins, or other complicated website builders. DropInBlog is easier and faster to use, plus it’s free to get started.

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The Downsides to Blogging on GoDaddy or WordPress

Are you having trouble trying to blog on GoDaddy? Struggling with WordPress themes? Do you hate working with multiple plugins and text formats, inputting large amounts of media, or the myriad of other issues that website-building platforms often present when it comes to blogging?

There are plenty of reasons that users of these platforms turn to alternatives for adding a blog.

Uploading Media on GoDaddy or WordPress

For example, uploading media tends to be one of the biggest complaints of GoDaddy and WordPress users. Getting media to appear in your blog in the right format is often a big issue for bloggers. With these website platforms, images can appear blurry, not centered, or not appear at all. What may look right on the preview function of your dashboard can appear blank in your published blog.

Uploading video or moving images can be even worse, with the published product often displaying only a frozen image of the video.

Getting Locked Out

When using website-building platforms, it is imperative that you remember your email and password. If you attempt it too many times and your account gets locked, it’ll be a whole lot more hassle to contact customer support and get it unlocked. Getting locked out of your account is another common complaint of bloggers.

It’s also common for bloggers to share login details with a team or contributing authors. This only increases the risk of a failed login attempt and getting locked out. Think about it – if you can’t access the account, you can’t update your blog, respond to comments, or do anything, and the longer you’re locked out, the more it costs you. Regardless of why you’ve forgotten a password or been locked out, it should never be difficult to recover that information and move on.

Formatting on GoDaddy or WordPress

Formatting is probably the biggest concern users of these website-building platforms have. When uploading new content, you will have to manually adjust the formatting on that page to match the rest of your site. 

It can take hours of back-and-forth, playing with one aspect of the page to ensure it matches the rest of your site. You then publish the page to see how it looks but may still need to go back and change things. This continual tweaking can waste time that you simply do not have.

Of course, there are alternatives that remove this formatting hassle entirely. DropInBlog will automatically inherit the style and format of your site, which saves you tons of time making little adjustments. 

Customization on GoDaddy or WordPress

Another common problem with GoDaddy, but to a lesser extent with WordPress, is the lack of creative flexibility. Since these sites include technology that is easy enough for a beginner to use, they also need to limit features or risk overloading the user with choices. 

GoDaddy has a no-code editor and plenty of templates to choose from, but without coding know-how, you’ll be limited in your ability to customize the template. That being said, if you’ve got the coding skills, you’ll have no trouble at all. 

Other Common Problems

Other common problems include: 

  • Unsaved changes if your computer dies or goes to sleep 
  • Website maintenance interrupting your workflow 
  • Getting locked out of an Administrative account 
  • Dealing with any number of error messages that are known to arise

Luckily, DropInBlog understands your frustration with these problems and many more, and we provide an easier solution. We hope to put an end to this search for a quality blogging tool for GoDaddy, WordPress, or a number of other platforms.

Here’s How DropInBlog Works 

“Setting up a blog on GoDaddy” is not a query you’ll ever have to Google if you make the switch to DropInBlog, which makes it easy – and fun – to quickly embed blogs. The program uses a remotely hosted and cloud-based solution to integrate a blog using your existing themes and formatting. It was designed to help you avoid common problems that platforms like WordPress face. It’s quick and easy to produce SEO-friendly blogs, there’s no need to update plugins, and the integration automatically adopts your sites’ style and formatting.

Integration is completed using the DropInBlog embed code. You simply add that code to your website and your blog content will be instantly embedded into the existing page of your choice. There is no software or updates to install and no time wasted customizing a plugin or theme that fits both your website and your blog. 

Alternatively, you can also use the JSON API integration format. Developers especially love this option, as it allows for more freedom to play with the code and further customize the look.

If you don’t have those fine-tuned developer skills, no problem. The HTML integration method we mentioned earlier is the easy setup that anyone can manage. 


When your two-week free trial is up, and you have your first few pieces of content published, we know that you will want to purchase the whole DropInBlog plan. Here are your choices:

Lite Plan

The Lite package costs $19/month. This package gives you all the features you need, with unlimited blog posts and unlimited categories. You’ll also get access to the SEO Analyzer tool, so you’re really not missing out on anything with the lower-tier plan.

Standard Plan

The Standard package, in comparison, costs just $39/month. The added features of the Standard plan include the ability to create multiple authors for blog posts, the addition of a blog search function, post scheduling, and priority customer support.


Integrating DropInBlog is super easy. You just need to copy and paste a couple of lines of code – and you’re done. It’s a great way to get the added benefits of a professional blogging platform with your GoDaddy site.

GoDaddy is a well-known web hosting provider and website builder. It allows you to build a wide range of professional-looking websites, from a portfolio site or a personal blog to an online store or a nonprofit site.

GoDaddy is certainly up there with the best no-code website builders. It has a ton of website templates to get started with and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 

Generally speaking, if you’re a beginner, you’ll find GoDaddy pretty user-friendly. However, just keep in mind that it might not give you the full scope of customization options you may want.

Start Today for FREE and Learn How to Create a Blog on GoDaddy

One of the best parts about choosing DropInBlog is that it’s free for your first two weeks.

Signing up for DropInBlog is as fast as using it. Give DropInBlog your information, and you are ready to begin blogging. Once you have signed up, select the provided DropInBlog code and copy it into your website’s existing code. That’s it – no unnecessary steps, difficult coding, or long wait times.

It has never been faster or more affordable to embed content into your site. If you have any questions or difficulties, feel free to reach out to the DropInBlog team.

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