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If you have your own website or blog, chances are you have used WordPress. If you’ve used WordPress, chances are also that you’ve struggled with formatting, uploading media or troubleshooting one of the many WordPress error messages that pop up. DropInBlog is one of the best alternatives to WordPress, without sacrificing quality on your site or adding stress to your day.

 DropInBlog solves many of the most common problems WordPress users encounter at an affordable price and with a system that is easy enough for beginners, but has enough features for advanced users. No matter what your biggest complaint with WordPress is, DropInBlog has an easier solution.

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The only WordPress alternative you will ever need

DropInBlog is the only WordPress alternative you will ever need because it solves all of the problems you have with WordPress, and then some, at a price you will love.

How does it work?

DropInBlog makes it easy to integrate a blog into your website by using a remotely hosted, cloud-based platform to upload your text or media.

All you have to do to get new content onto your site is use the DropInBlog code to configure the text and media you want. After that, simply add that code into your existing webpage, and your blog will be instantly embedded onto the page of your choice.

Using this simple model, you can eliminate the stress of handling and formatting multiple themes with WordPress.

There is no software to install, no updates to wait for and no plugins or themes to play with to get your content live.


In detail: Everything you need to know about the best alternative to WordPress

Here’s why DropInBlog is the best alternative to WordPress.

Where do we start? There are so many reasons why WordPress is not the best way to upload content onto your website and why DropInBlog offers an easier, faster and affordable solution to WordPress and other website building platforms.

The platform is easy enough for beginners to learn how to use quickly, but with features rich enough to satisfy professional users. Integration into your website can be as easy as copy and pasting. Copy the content you wish to post, paste it into DropInBlog’s existing code, and your blog will be up and running in mere minutes.

 For more advanced integration, you have the option to use a JSON API platform. 

The chances that you find another service as an alternative to WordPress that offers both ease for beginners and enough options for advanced users, at this price, is next to impossible. No one but DropInBlog can offer you all of that and more.

With DropInBlog, you don’t need to create a new template for each new blog. Creating new templates can be time-consuming and difficult. Often, the most frustrating part of uploading content onto your site is playing with these templates, making sure that everything looks legitimate and interesting to the viewer.

DropInBlog believes that you shouldn’t have to constantly change your template layout just to get new content onto your site. With DropInBlog, stick with what you know and what you like; blogs embed into sites using your existing site template.

The ability to easily embed social share buttons into your site is an invaluable feature of DropInBlog. Social share buttons, for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more, can increase your exposure organically. Social share buttons allow people that like what they see to share it with their friends.

An easier, stress-free way to embed videos or other media quickly is another benefit for DropInBlog users. Add welcome videos, highlight real customer’s feedback or show how-to videos for new products.


Why would you need to embed content onto your existing website?

 There are so many reasons that you may want to embed blog content onto your website, be that text or other forms of media. Here are just a few of those possible reasons:  

  • Improve your SEO: To improve your site’s SEO, you will need to add extensive articles. Do this quickly with ease using DropInBlog.
  • Keep your site updated: Create a simple newsfeed on your page in just minutes.
  • Post news: Post news about emerging products, services or relevant information to keep your site’s views informed, with minimal effort from you.
  • Update readers about upcoming events: Create a blog post about upcoming events to create buzz organically and affordably.
  • Post photos of passed events: Display photos, videos or recaps from passed events to customers or readers; make your site more relatable and fun!
  • Display legal information: Show clients, customers or other viewer’s legal information, such as changes to your terms and conditions, privacy policy updates and more.
  • Add media: Upload media, such as how-to videos, infographics or welcome videos.

 Whatever reason you choose to embed content onto your site, DropInBlog offers the easiest and most successful way for you to do so, without the hassle.


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Signing up for DropInBlog is as simple as using it is. Input your contact information and… that’s it! You don’t even have to pay for the service just yet; DropInBlog offers a FREE 14-day trial. Once the site has your information, just start blogging!

Configure the DropInBlog code and copy it into your website’s existing platform. No unnecessary steps, difficult-to-use coding or long wait times. It has never been faster or more simple to upload everything you want in just minutes.


DropInBlog pricing

Once your 14-day free trial is up and you have your first few pieces of content published, you’ll want to purchase the entire DropInBlog plan, as an alternatives to WordPress. Here are your options:

The Lite package is set at $19 per month. This package allows a total of 250 posts in a month and comes with the majority of the features of DropInBlog.

The Standard package comes in at $39 per month. The difference between the Lite and the Standard packages is that the Standard allows unlimited monthly posts as well as the added feature of the capability to add authors and assign posts to them...allowing blogs to have multiple contributors.

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