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For a better alternative to embed WordPress blog into website, DropInBlog solves many of the biggest issues users have with WordPress, without breaking the bank. No matter what your biggest complaint with WordPress is, DropInBlog has an easier solution 


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Why should you embed blog content into your site?

There are plenty of reasons that you may want to embed blog content onto your website. 

  • To improve your SEO: In order to improve your site’s SEO, you can add extensive articles into your site with ease and speed.
  • To keep your site relevant and updated: Create a simple newsfeed on your page almost instantly.
  • To post blogs about news: Post text about new products, services or relevant news to keep your readers informed with minimal effort from you.
  • To update readers about events: Create a blog post about upcoming or passed events to create buzz organically and affordably. Alert readers about current events or post photos from events to make your site more relatable and fun.
  • In order to display legal information: Show clients, customers and more legal information, such as changes to your terms and conditions, privacy policy updates and more.
  • To add media with ease: Create posts that display media, such as how-to videos or infographics, which can be one of the most frustrating aspects of using WordPress. 

WordPress and other Plugins can be complicated to use and often require lots of trial-and-error to ensure the final product you truly want.

Whatever reason you choose to embed a blog into your site, DropInBlog offers the easiest and most successful way for you to do so, without the hassle.

DropInBlog has an easy to implement code that will get your content online in just minutes or less with no stress.

Integrate WordPress blog into your website: The downsides

Having trouble learning to integrate WordPress blog into a website? You are not alone.

There are plenty of reasons that WordPress users turn to an alternative for embedding their blog content. While one of the most widely used blog content services on the internet, it is also one of the most griped about.

Uploading media tends to be one of those complaints. WordPress users routinely struggle with uploading photo, video and other types of media, or they struggle with uploading that content without disrupting the formatting of their existing text.

Another common complaint with WordPress is what users often refer to as the “White Screen of Death.” The inability to load anything, even an error message, is unfortunately a common problem for WordPress users.

Signing into WordPress can be another point of frustration. Whether you forgot your email or password, as is common when you’re using many accounts to publish your website, or you are giving the information to someone else on your team, it should never be difficult to recover that information. Unfortunately, it often is for WordPress users.

Other problems include: unsaved changes if you step away from your computer and your computer dies or goes to sleep, WordPress scheduled maintenance interrupting your workflow, getting locked out of your Admin account, or any number of formatting issues.

Luckily, DropInBlog understands your frustration with the above problems and more and offers an easier solution.


Here’s how DropInBlog works, so you never have to integrate WordPress into a website again

DropInBlog makes it easy to quickly embed blogs by using a remotely hosted, cloud-based platform. Never integrate WordPress into website themes again.

Simply use the DropInBlog code to configure the text and media you want and then add that code into your existing webpage. Your blog will be instantly embedded into the page of your choice.

Using this simple model, you can eliminate the stress of juggling formatting with WordPress, troubleshooting error messages or blank screens, and will never have to deal with being locked out of your account again.

There is no software or updates to install and no time to waste customizing a Plugin or theme to include into your blog. All you need is the DropInBlog coding, and you’re ready to use your site as usual, with the addition of the content you want to appear in it.


Start instantly and begin to embed WordPress blogs into your website

Signing up for DropInBlog is as fast as using it. Just give the site your basic information and you’re ready to start. You don’t even have to pay for the service just yet; DropInBlog offers a FREE 14-day trial. Try it free of charge and then sign up for the complete package once you see how much easier your life can be with it.

Once you’ve signed up, configure the DropInBlog code and copy it into your website’s existing platform. Then start blogging; that’s it! No unnecessary steps, difficult-to-use coding or long wait times.

 It has never been faster or more affordable to begin adding a blog onto your site without any stress.

Pricing packages

Once your two-week free trial is up and you have your first few pieces of content published, you will want to purchase the entire DropInBlog plan. Here are your options:

The Lite package is set at a low-price of $19 per month. This package lets you make a total of 250 posts in a month and comes with the majority of the features of DropInBlog.

What are those features?

  • Instantly integrate into existing websites
  • Cloud-based integration
  • No software to update
  • SEO friendly pages
  • Edit the title and description of your post
  • Category list widget
  • Recent posts list widget
  • JSON API access
  • Featured post images
  • File & image hosting
  • Facebook comments
  • Embed media (video and other)
  • Include social sharing buttons
  • Disable DropInBlog link

 The Standard package comes in at $39 per month. The difference between the Lite and the Standard packages is that the Standard allows unlimited monthly posts and the added feature of the capability to create authors and assign posts to them. This allows blogs to have multiple contributors.

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