How to Add a Secondary Blog to Your Kajabi Website

How to Add a Secondary Blog to Your Kajabi Website

Lauren Lauren
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What happens when your online business on Kajabi expands into a new niche? You might think you’ll need to set up a new website with another blog, but you don’t have to. It is possible to add a secondary blog to your Kajabi website, and that has its own benefits. 

In general, blogging brings a lot of advantages to an online business. It will improve your visibility on search engines, leading to high-quality organic traffic and more leads. But if you diversify into another niche, it can make your blog look messy and unfocused. 

In this case, the best solution is to add a second blog and keep the two topics in their own separate blogs. With a second blog on your Kajabi site, you can continue to promote your products while also keeping your blog clean and focused. 

Add a Second Blog With Kajabi

If you’re blogging with Kajabi, you can add an additional blog to your site the same way you created the first one. Go to the Website tab in your dashboard, and in Pages, select New Website Page

However, if you’d like to try an alternative blogging tool that gives you far greater possibilities, there’s DropInBlog.

Blogging with DropInBlog

DropInBlog is a far superior blogging app to what Kajabi offers you, as it gives you more professional blogging features – both in quality and quantity – as well as arguably greater ease of use. 

Add a secondary blog to your kajabi website - DropInBlog features

DropInBlog even allows you to optimize each post for SEO using the built-in SEO Analyzer. This is a unique tool that very few blogging platforms include without additional cost. Additionally, you can improve SEO by adding schema markup. Of course, you can also add categories and tags to posts, schedule posts, and manage multiple authors if needed.

When you integrate DropInBlog with your Kajabi site, the blog just slots into place and is managed entirely from the DropInBlog dashboard. Once you publish a post, it will automatically become visible on your site and with the same CSS and style you have across your Kajabi website – no time spent reformatting. 

How to Add a Second Blog with DropInBlog

Adding a second blog to your Kajabi site with DropInBlog is super simple. You may choose to use DropInBlog for both of your blogs or just the additional one. If you want to use DropInblog for both, then you’ll first need to hide the Kajabi built-in blog.

Hide the Kajabi Blog

To do this, go into Websites in your Kajabi dashboard, then Pages, and click Customize on the Blog page. Under Blog Listings, you can deselect all four items and hit Save

If you have any existing blog posts there, you’ll need to unpublish or delete them. If you choose to unpublish them, remember to repost the content again via DropInBlog once you’re set up.

Integrate DropInBlog

To Integrate DropInblog, you need to go back to the Blog Page and select Customize again. Make sure the page is completely blank, then choose Add Section. After that, select Custom Code

Jump across to your DropInBlog account dashboard and go to Code & Layout. You’ll see two strings of code in Step 1 and Step 2. Copy both of these and paste them back into your Custom Code edit box. Now there’s only one thing left to complete the integration process.

Add a secondary blog to kajabi website: integration code

Within Kajabi, find and copy the URL address of your blog page. In the DropInBlog dashboard, you’ll find the place to paste the URL link under Settings. Don’t forget to save the changes. 

If you need more detailed instructions on the integration process, check out our blog post on how to create a blog on Kajabi.

How to Keep the Kajabi Blog and Have DropInBlog Too

If you decide to stick with the built-in Kajabi blog and use DropInBlog for your secondary blog, you won’t be able to use “blog” in the URL address, as that’s the default for the Kajabi blog. 

To get started, go to Website and Pages in your Kajabi dashboard. You will have to select Add New Website Page and then hit Customize. Delete any sections or blocks in the new page and continue with the same process of integrating DropInBlog that we’ve mentioned above.


You can have multiple blogs on your Kajabi website, either using the Kajabi blogging tool or a third-party blogging app like DropInBlog.

There is no technical difference between your primary and secondary blog in Kajabi – one won’t sit under another in a folder hierarchy. You will simply have two separate blog pages. 

DropInBlog is supported on Kajabi, and integration is possible using the HTML embed method.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – the process for adding a secondary blog to your Kajabi website. Overall, it’s really not too difficult. With the ability to add additional blogs, your online business has the ability to grow unhindered, and your blogs will remain clean and uncluttered. 

If you have any further questions about DropInBlog or the integration process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the DropInBlog team. 

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