How to Add Multiple Blogs to a Shopify Store

How to Add Multiple Blogs to a Shopify Store

Lauren Lauren
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Why would you want to add multiple blogs to a Shopify store in the first place? 

Often, people will split up blog topics using categories. However, sometimes this isn’t enough to keep the blog organized and focused. 

One of the most common reasons for having multiple blogs is when you have different products or services to promote. Having separate blogs for these different niches can help focus the message. 

Another reason is location. For example, If your blog is related to services provided in specific cities, it will be useful to keep the blogs for those areas separate in order to target different geographic audiences. 

Having quality blog posts will increase traffic to your site and drive potential leads. So, if you have a Shopify store, there are a couple of ways you can go about adding multiple blogs to your store. 

Blogging with the Shopify Blog

If you’re using Shopify to blog, then the process to add another blog is quite simple. Within your Shopify store, you simply need to go to your Blogs dashboard, select Manage Blogs, and then Add Blog

You’ll have to give your new blog a name, and in some cases, this may mean you have to rename the original blog to keep them distinct from each other. You should know that you have very little ability to edit the URL structure within Shopify. You can’t remove the “blogs” part of the URL structure, and this can become convoluted. 

For example, if you have a store selling hiking products in different locations, you might have the following URL structure:

The other crucial step is to set up URL redirects. If you have changed your URL structure in any way, you need to ensure any and all links remain connected. If you do not set up redirects, existing links will be broken and this is very damaging for SEO.

Once you have named your new blog and set up the URL redirects, don’t forget to include it in your navigation header. After that, you’re done!

It’s certainly not difficult to set up a second or even third blog on your Shopify store, but it’s still not the best blogging tool. What’s better is something like DropInBlog.

Adding a Blog with DropInBlog

DropInBlog gives you all the benefits of a professional blogging app and has a built-in SEO Analyzer to optimize all your content perfectly every time. 

Moreover, you can insert all your Shopify products directly into blog posts, which puts it head and shoulders above the native Shopify blog. Customers don’t have to go hunting around on your site for the products they find in your blog posts. 

On a practical note, you can be sure your blog will visually reflect the rest of your Shopify store because DropInBlog automatically inherits your site's CSS and style. This is a huge bonus because this is often not the case when you integrate a third-party blogging app, and it takes you time to reformat blog posts to match your site.

Another important factor to note with DropInBlog is that you can edit your URLs, and they won’t have a negative effect on SEO. Because DropInBlog slides into place within your store and doesn’t live on a separate domain, there’s no complication with URL structure. This means your store – which is where you want to drive traffic via your blog – gets all the SEO gains.

Add multiple blogs to Shopify: DropInBlog for Shopify

It’s super easy to get started – just find DropInBlog in the Shopify App Store and set up an account. Start for free for 14 days, and then choose the plan you want to continue with.

DropInBlog integration


Yes, you can have more than one blog on your Shopify store, and it’s often beneficial to have multiple blogs. In the case where your Shopify has expanded into new locations or new product categories, you will want to keep the different blogs distinct from each other.

It’s possible to track the performance of your blogs through the Analytics tab within your Shopify Dashboard. However, the degree to which you can scrutinize your blog performance will depend on the plan you’ve purchased. 

Final Thoughts

While it’s quite easy to add multiple blogs to your Shopify store from within the Shopify blog, you may not want to use Shopify for blogging in the first place. 

We presented DropInBlog as a viable alternative. Luckily, it’s just as easy to add one or more blogs to your Shopify store with DropInBlog, and you’ll get countless benefits with this platform.

DropInBlog has two pricing plan options and a super helpful customer support team. Get in touch if you have any further questions.

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