Blogging in Kartra - what's the best solution?

Albert Albert
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For those of us who've tried running a WordPress powered site and come face to face with the Gordian Knot of plugins that we inevitably end up with, Kartra is like the sword that cuts through all the BS.

Kartra lets you build a marketing or ecommerce site without forcing you into a handful of cookie cutter themes, and also without forcing you to painfully code all the functionality yourself.  Everything you need to run a successful ecommerce site is built into drag and drop elements and it all talks to each other without issue. If you do need to dive deeper and write some code, that functionality is there as well.  Everything in Kartra is designed with marketing and SEO in mind… except one big feature: blogging. Blogging in Kartra just doesn't really exist. 

Your Kartra Blogging Options

Blogging turns your site into an SEO behemoth. Suddenly you have the content search engines crave. There is just one problem. Kartra does not have a real blogging solution. If you ever searched for "how to create a blog in Kartra" you've probably watched the Youtube videos and read the articles and came to the same dead end as the rest of us.

Kartra Pages

Sure, you can create Kartra "blog" template pages but these pages are built to just imitate the look of a blog. Kartra has no actual blog functionality on the backend, and if you have more than a dozen articles it becomes unwieldy to manage. Not only that, it's difficult for customers to navigate as well.  It's not a good look for what's supposed to be a marketing funnel.  

Creating a blog page in Kartra

How about WordPress?

Without many solutions, Kartra users are forced back to our… great friend…  WordPress.  However, adding a WordPress subdomain to your site for SEO is like trying to promote your struggling bar by hiring a band to play… at a different bar…  and handing out flyers in between sets. As you might have guessed, it doesn't really work that well in practice. You improve the SEO of your WordPress blog but barely move the needle on the actual site you're trying to promote. 

The Real Solution

Well friends, luckily there is a solution. DropInBlog. It's a service that allows you to copy and paste 2 tiny snippets of code onto one of your Kartra pages and have a fully functional blog on your primary domain. That's really all there is to it. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's hard to believe for those of us who've walked through the 9 circles of plugin hell, but it's true. DropInBlog is not a plugin and you never need to update it. It never interferes with the other functionality of your Kartra site. It even adopts the CSS of your site so it matches your site's aesthetic.  Not to beat a dead horse, but with WordPress you would need to either spend hours looking for a template that matches your site or spend hours redesigning a template to match your site. No thanks. 

DropInBlog - Clean and Simple

DropInBlog is a full-featured blogging service designed specifically to drop into your existing site. I'm sure you guessed that by the name. It's a solution that finally lets you blog with Kartra! Since it's not a plugin, it doesn't clog up your Kartra interface with extra menus or anything. You simply log in to DropInBlog, write blog posts there, hit save, and they appear on your site. It even comes with some snazzy blog layouts to choose from. 

DropInBlogs Text Editor Ribbon

So, what's it like actually writing a post? If I were to pick one word to describe the experience it would be "clean".  The user interface is clutter free. It's cleaner than your computer's built in text editor. The functionality isn't hidden from you in cryptic menus or anything, it just doesn't have the erroneous bloat that clogs up the interface of a lot of text editors. Writing is as simple as simple can be. Have you used Word? This is even simpler.  

While it's clean and simple you still actually do have all the functionality you need:

DropInBlogs Multitude of useful switches

SEO with DropInBlog

I haven't gotten to the best part yet, the SEO assistance. Yes, DropInBlog was designed to help you with SEO. If you're anything like me, you've googled SEO and read a few articles and get the feeling that SEO is this nebulous ever-changing battle against a faceless algorithm. No? Maybe just me then. Anywho, you've probably felt kind of confused on what to actually do. Do you just add some stuff in a meta tag? Are you supposed to cram your post so full of keywords that it's unreadable by a human?

DropInBlog has this built-in SEO Analyzer that's on by default and will examine what you write and suggest certain fixes to increase how SEO friendly your post is. It even gives you an SEO score and how you can improve your article.

Blogging in Kartra DropInBlog SEO

An Easy Solution

So basically,  if you haven't already checked out DropInBlog by now... and you want an actual blog... on your own domain... without all the hassle... sign up for a free trial of DropInBlog.  It's an easy solution to a difficult problem.

If you want to learn more about how easy it is to integrate DropInBlog check out this article with a step by step walk through: Add a Blog to Your Kartra Site in 2 Minutes

Feel free to hit us up with any questions. Happy blogging!

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