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If you or someone you work with has a website, chances are you have come across the discussion of embedding a blog into that site. Blogs can do a number of things for a site, including driving traffic toward the site, increasing awareness of a product and, ultimately, increasing sales. 

If the site is not-for-profit, you can still use blogs to increase your authority on a subject, making yourself stand out amongst thousands of other similar sites. No matter what your reasons, quit searching “embed blog into website” and do it the easy way, with DropInBlog.


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How does it work?

DropInBlog makes it easy to quickly embed blogs by using a remotely hosted, cloud-based platform. All you need to do is place the DropInBlog code into your existing webpage, and you are done! The blog will be instantly embedded into the page of your choice.

With a system this easy, there is no need to run two templates (such as your site’s existing one and a WordPress theme) and no need to update a Plugin. Never struggle to embed WordPress blogs again.

There is no software to install or update and no time to waste customizing a plugin to include your blog. All you need is the DropInBlog code and you’re ready to use your site as usual but, this time, with a blog.


Here’s how to start so you can embed blogs into your website


Simply sign up for DropInBlog by inputting your information and setting up a password. Don’t want to pay for the service just yet? We don’t blame you. That’s why DropINBlog offers a FREE 14-day trial. See if you like it, and then sign up for the full package once you fall in love.

Configure the DropInBlog code and copy it into your website’s existing platform.

Start blogging; really, that’s it! No unnecessary steps, difficult (impossible) coding or long wait times.

It has never been easier, faster or more affordable to get content onto your site.


Why embed blog content?


There are many reasons you may want to embed blog content.

  • Embed extensive and numerous articles into your site for SEO purposes with ease and speed.
  • Create a simple newsfeed almost instantly.
  • Post a blog about a new product so that you can quickly and efficiently tell everyone relevant what it’s all about.
  • Create a blog post about upcoming events to create buzz organically and affordably.
  • Post photos from latest events or parties to humanize your team and make your website both more relatable and fun.
  • Display legal information for clients, customers and more such as changes to terms and conditions.
  • Create posts that display media, such as how-to videos or infographics.

Whatever reason you choose to embed a blog on your site, DropInBlog offers the most efficient and successful way for you to do so, without the stress. WordPress and other Plugins can be complicated to use and often require lots of trial-and-error to ensure the final product you truly want.

DropInBlog has a never-fail code that can get your content online in three minutes or less, with no hassle.


Embedding a blog into a website: The fine print


So, it all sounds too good to be true, right? It really isn’t. Your journey to embedding blog into website can start and end with DropInBlog, today. 

The platform is easy enough for beginners to use without any problems and features rich enough to satisfy professionals; what other service to embed and publish blogs can boast the same?

Integration into your website can be as easy as copy and pasting. Copy the content you wish to post, paste it into DropInBlog’s existing code, and your blog will be up and running in mere minutes.

For more advanced integration, you have the option to use the simple JSON API platform.

With DropInBlog, there is no need to create a new template just for your blog content. Often, the most frustrating part of uploading content onto your site is playing with your template and making it look professional, easy-to-use and unique.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to change your template layout just to get new content on your site. With DropInBlog, stick with what you know and what you like; blogs embedded into sites using your existing site template.

Embed social share buttons into your site to increase your exposure even more, easier than ever. Social share buttons allow people that stop by your site and like what they see to share it with their friends. This can include, but is not limited to, sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media awareness gives your product, service or platform authority. In today’s modern world that is run so prevalently by technology, it is important that you are being seen and talked about (ideally in a positive light) on social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter are two platforms that advertise the most, but Instagram, YouTube and others can be influential as well.

Embed videos quickly and easily to switch up the types of media on your site. Add videos that welcome people to the site, display different uses for your product, highlight real customers with positive feedback or post inspirational videos to keep your viewers informed and entertained.

With options to embed video, there are plenty of possibilities for new and existing web content.


The low-pricing breakdown


Once your two-week free trial is up and you have your first post published, you will undoubtedly want to purchase the whole DropInBlog plan so you can continue to embed blogs into your website. Here are your options:

The Lite option is set at a low-price of $19 per month. This allows for a total of 250 posts and most of the features that come along with the DropInBlog function.

The Standard option comes in at $39 per month and allows for an unlimited number of posts. You also get every feature from the service which includes all of the Lite features in addition to the ability to create authors and allocate posts to them...allowing blogs to have numerous contributors.

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