Pin this Post - why and how?

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Why should I pin posts?

Everyday we are bombarded with an unending torrent of content from social media sites. Even your blog is a constant stream of new posts. You may feel like your best blog posts are washed away by newer posts. Pinning a post helps your users navigate that stream on your blog and website.

DropInBlog allows you to pin any of your posts by ticking a single box.  Take a look:

That's all there is to it!

Pinning a post allows you to move a post to the top of your blog feed and keep it there, its position unaffected by new posts. It becomes the stone in that blog post river. Now that I've tortured this poor metaphor enough. Let's talk about why this is an essential practice for your blog.

Pin to Win!

A visitor to your site will probably enter by way of one of your many blog posts. They then click around your site and see what else you have and are bombarded with information. A pinned post can serve as a great entry point into your site.

You can pin the post with the highest conversion rate at the top, or just a general post introducing the site to your user. The pinned post functions the same way a sign on a storefront would.  It should be something inviting or exciting to entice your reader further into your site.

Pin your best!

Your pinned posts should probably be one of the following:

  • Your best performer
  • Your most interesting content
  • A 'Welcome Sign' that highlights your business and website
  • A post with a strong call to action
  • A contest or giveaway, something to excite readers

More Reasons to Pin

Pinning a post can serve other functions as well. Maybe you have a post that just slipped through the cracks for some reason, but you know it could be a great performer if only people saw it. Maybe you have a really interesting video in your post that you want visitors to see.

How you use this powerful feature is up to you!

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line!  Happy Blogging!

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