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Choosing a template for your website, blog, or online store can be a fun experience, but it can also be daunting and downright stressful. That’s totally understandable since your website is the visual representation of your brand. 

Wix can add to the pressure, not only because of the wide selection of over 800 templates but also because once your site goes live, you’re stuck with the template you picked … unless, of course, you delete everything and start all over again.

Either way, let’s go back and take it from the top – in this article, we’ve picked 40 fully-functional Wix templates from their five categories. But before we get into that, let’s first see what perks Wix has to offer.

The Perks of Wix

Wix is a popular business software platform with solid website building and e-commerce functionalities. It can help you get started and establish your presence online, and it can grow with you as you explore all the corners of the world wide web. 

Wix is used by many because it offers a good set of features for affordable prices. It’s forward-looking, functional, and very customizable. The website builder has a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to freely customize any template to your liking without worrying about messing it up. 

However, one of the best things about Wix is that it supports integrations with a variety of third-party and native apps to increase the functionality of your website or online store. This way, if you’re missing a feature or would like to replace an existing one, all you need to do is find the desired app on the Wix App Market, install it, and – voilà!

For example, many of the Wix templates we’ve linked below have an integrated Instagram feed, but some don’t, so you’ll have to add it manually if it fits the template. Similarly, if you’re running an online shop or a blog, you might want to integrate your Etsy feed to increase your reach.

The Wix App Market really has a ton of apps you can use, but our favorite one is DropInBlog. It’s a blogging tool that can be a great upgrade from Wix’s native blog if blogging is your main SEO strategy. 

DropInBlog is super easy to integrate and fits into whatever template you choose seamlessly. If you’d like to try it, you can find it in the Wix marketplace.

And now, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best Wix templates from each category.

40 Best Wix Website Templates

Business and Service

Lynch & Powell

Wix Templates

If you need a professional template that inspires confidence in your potential clients, Lynch & Powell could be the one. With its calm and neutral tones and expansive homepage, your site will look neat and organized. 

We like that there’s a dedicated page for the pricing plans, and you can add separate pages for all the services you offer. Plus, customers have an option to create a profile and log in. One additional benefit is the live chat button on the bottom right and the contact form in the footer.

Allan Johnson

Wix Templates

This bright and uplifting Wix template serves its purpose really well – it’s joyous, inspiring, and very functional. The header menu is where customers can check out the types of services you offer, your pricing plans, and other helpful information. Our favorite features are the blog, where you can post informative and educational content, and the “Guides” page, where you can upload files and control which users have access to it.

Crsn Bakery

Wix Templates crsn bakery

Crsn Bakery is perfect for dynamic cafés and coffee shops with a strong personality, if not even a little niche. The colors are vibrant and guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention and keep them for long enough while they’re scrolling through the menu. 

This template is intended for food service businesses that have a physical location, as there’s a designated spot for the working hours in the header and an interactive map at the footer. Tripadvisor and Foursquare are featured in the social buttons to the right so your guests can share their experiences.

Wright & Taylor

Wix Templates wright and taylor

The design of this Wix template is truly sophisticated. It’s modern and fresh, and we like that it’s straightforward, as the header menu is at eye level and right in the center. Your business number is on the right, and your socials are to the left, making the most important information instantly available. 

There is also enough room to integrate your Instagram feed and display images of your past projects as well as add some customer testimonials in the “About” section. The template translates well on mobile, so you can be sure that your website will be just as great on a smaller screen.

M&B Remodeling

Wix Templates

If you’re looking for a website template with a classic and timeless feel and a clean look, look no further. The M&B Remodeling template may be simple, but it looks very professional and includes all the features you need for a service business. You can add separate pages to showcase each type of service you’re offering with neat and symmetrical layouts where you can add text and images.

Belle Weddings

Wix Templates belle weddings

The Belle Weddings template is your standard wedding planner template where the images you upload are the main event. It’s a good-looking template that has all of the functionalities you might need from a website of this kind. There’s also a separate page for the services you provide. 

Moreover, you can add customers’ testimonials, and there’s a photo gallery to display some of your past work. What we like here is that there’s the option to book a consultation found in the footer.

Wix Templates

With its dark theme and serious vibe, template will surely make your website stand out. The site is well-organized, and it looks highly professional. You can tell that it means business! 

The “Solutions” section features a large table where you can list all the services you offer, and what we like most about this feature is the animated text as you scroll down to read. The template also includes an integrated blog that fits perfectly. 

The Pizza Shop

Wix Templates

The Pizza Shop has a casual design that’s truly eye-catching – with its heavy fonts and spacious sections, it’s not only good-looking, but it’s highly practical as well. In addition to the visuals, your customers will be easily able to browse through the menu and order online, make reservations, and even book the place for private events. There’s also a social feed included, as well as an interactive map.

Bar 121

Wix Templates bar

They could’ve named the template “Bar 101” since the Bar 121 template has literally everything a bar would need – an overview of the menu, the option to book a table, and the best feature is the weekly schedule overview. That allows you to note when the happy hours are and which days are live gig days, for instance. The design itself is great for modern and lively bars that are especially busy on the weekends.


Wix Templates virtufit

The VIRTUFIT template was designed for fitness businesses that offer online classes and virtual fitness programs. The template is stylish and easily navigable, and we especially love the text animations, which make the site look very dynamic. 

Feature-wise, this template offers everything you need – menus for live and on-demand classes, fitness challenges, and pricing plans. Our favorite part, though, is the Google Play and App Store buttons, which allow you to advertise your app on your site. Finally, apart from Facebook and Instagram, the social selection also includes TikTok to keep up with the latest social media trends.

Maya Nelson

Wix Templates

This Wix template is designed for professional resume websites and does the job quite well. The design is clean, unobtrusive, and gets straight to the point. Your photo is framed well, with links to all your relevant socials below it, including LinkedIn. The main menu includes pages for your full resume where you can upload a document of your CV and enable it for download and any past projects you’d like to add. 



Wix Templates tote

Tote is a no-nonsense, super modern template – there’s no imposing image in the center of the page, but instead, you’re greeted by the product gallery. The layout is minimalistic, focusing mainly on the products, while the template itself is fast and easy to navigate. 

We like the “Quick View” feature that zooms in on the product when you hover over it because it allows you to see the details of its design. The template includes a live chat support icon, FAQ page, search feature, and subscription option in the footer. 

Fresh Market

Wix Templates

As its name would suggest, Fresh Market was created for online grocery stores. It has a simple and understated design, but it’s still very stylish and will win you over with its symmetrical and clean-looking sections – almost as if it were mimicking a physical grocery store. 

There isn't any fanfare with its features, either – your customers can browse through the virtual aisles, search for a specific product, log in, and of course, shop. As with most Wix templates, there’s a live chat at the bottom right, as well as a section where you can add FAQs and your shipping and return policies.

EZ Electronics

Wix Templates ez electronics

If you need a sleek and slightly futuristic-looking template for your electronics online store, then EZ Electronics may be for you. The template was designed in such a way that your product receives all the attention. You’ll have enough room to add the details of its features and how it works. 

You can make the manual available for download on the “Support” page, where you can also add FAQs and a contact form. Our favorite part is the “Experts Reviews” section, which serves as a forum for all the users to interact with each other and ask questions. 


Wix Templates

MODA is a commercial and very lively-looking template that will best suit large online stores with a lot of traffic. The template is colorful, and as with any fashion store, the images take center stage, but the layout itself is organized and clean, never overpowering. 

This template features women’s, men’s, and beauty categories with subcategories, as well as a “Sale” category. At the footer of the page, you can add your sales policy, shipping and returns policy, customer care details, and socials.

Lou Paperie

Wix Templates

While we’re living in a largely digital world, stationery lovers aren’t extinct yet, as there are those who still appreciate the charm of putting pen to paper (and maybe adding some stickers). The Lou Paperie template was designed with them in mind as it showcases the charm and versatility of modern stationery with its simple design and typewriter-style font. 

This template would work both for brick-and-mortar stores that sell online and for exclusively online shops. The social buttons are located in a small column to the left, while all the details of the store can be found at the bottom of the homepage.


Wix Templates

Clovers is a super intuitive and functional website template that delivers excellent UX. It’s expansive enough and has all the features you need for grocery stores with food delivery service. You can add different categories and subcategories of products as well as feature pages like “Most Popular” and “Deals.” 

There’s a search button to facilitate product search and a subscription form. The template’s design is vibrant, lively, and looks great on mobile. For an even better experience on mobile, there’s a built-in section to advertise your mobile app so your customers can also shop on the go.

Bloom’s Tea

Wix Templates

Tea making is an art form, and the Bloom’s Tea Wix template does well in capturing the beauty of tea. It has a calm and traditional feel to it, and it’s perfect for small businesses that sell carefully selected craft tea. 

The navigation menu features a page for the products as well as for extras such as tea infusers, pots, and cups. Lastly, there’s an integrated blog where you can share some nuggets of wisdom about the tea-making tradition and increase engagement on your site. 


Wix Templates

This beautiful Wix template will ensure your website stands out and presents the best of your store. Sprout has a very modern design with earthy, neutral tones and big, elegant fonts. Moreover, it’s just as functional as it is aesthetic.

At the top right, your customers can log in or search for a product, and at the top left, they can browse through the product categories or subscribe via the navigation menu. The “Care” page is essentially a blog where you can post tips, instructions, or other educational content, which is a feature that we also like. Lastly, the template has an integrated Instagram feed so you can show off your products in the best light possible.


Wix Templates

Besties is a joyful-looking pet supply store template that draws you right in with its bright design and colorful accents. Right from the get-go, you have the “Search” button at the top of the page along with a designated place for your store phone number. The main menu is divided into different categories for each type of pet, and at the footer of the homepage, there’s room for the rest of the info on your store.


Wix Templates

This colorful and eye-catching Wix template is perfect for high-volume businesses that sell different types of cosmetic products. The design of G’LORE is very reminiscent of a beauty department store, furthering the immersive UX. 

The navigation menu covers all the basics, while the header includes a “Search” button and a “Wishlist” page, which we really like. The homepage has categories for must-have products, new arrivals, products on sale, and personal recommendations to increase engagement. 


Benjamin Diaz

Wix Templates

If you’re a commercial photographer who needs a template that can both showcase your work in a creative way and sell your artwork, this template may be a good fit. The white backdrop against a black background serves as a board for the large and imposing images. 

Besides the products page, the navigation menu allows you to add a page for your past work with clients and showcase the highlights. The footer of the page includes a built-in contact form and socials buttons.

Ella Stonehill

Wix Templates

Wedding photography is an important part of a wedding, and the Ella Stonehill template will make sure to display your best work in the best way possible. The design is gentle, formal, and does a good job of making you stay on the site and explore some more. The main menu includes pages for select client galleries and recent work you’ve done, and of course, a pricing page for your services.

Nespola Studio

Wix Templates

If you’re into bold designs, then you will love this Wix template. The layout of Nespola Studio is minimalistic, but the bright orange background and the sparsely placed colorful images make up for the lack of lines and sections and complement it perfectly. 

Dynamic and forward-looking creative agencies may find it fits quite well within their brand philosophy. The navigation menu is just as minimalistic as the layout, with only “About” and “Our Works” pages. 


Wix Templates

Den looks like it means business in a very sleek and stylish way. This Wix template is image-driven, and the charcoal gray background allows them to pop off and come forward. It was built for design studios that do different types of creative work. The navigation menu features pages for past projects, services offered, news about where the studio is going next, and job application forms for specific positions.

Dara Valasko

Wix Templates

This Wix template is best suited for freelance graphic designers who collaborate with a lot of different brands and companies. It’s a simple but very creatively made template with an animated background and a lot of room to display images of past projects. On the “Profile” page, you can add the details of your experience, listing all your engagements thus far.

The Pop Show

Wix Templates

This vibrant and zany Wix template will surely brighten up anyone who ends up browsing through it. It has everything a contemporary music podcast needs and then some: a comprehensive episodes page, an eye-catching blog, a social media feed, a subscribe form, and the most important – links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Urban Artist

Wix Templates

This template has a very original design and a looped background that adds to its uniqueness. It features a gallery roll to display your work and lets the images speak for themselves. The subscription form and social media buttons are included in the footer. This template will let your work speak for itself with no frills.


Wix Templates

The ShureArchitects Wix template was designed for architecture firms and industrial designers, and it’s really apparent in its design. The concrete gray neutrals coupled with artistic images of expansive spaces and a small, elegant font create a professional and modern website. 

You can add the background story of your business and introduce your clients to your team as well as showcase your projects. It’s a clean template that doesn’t need to be cluttered with anything else but the basics.

Sophia Romanos

Wix Templates

If you’re fresh out of fashion school and need a virtual space to display your work and connect with clients, this template might be a good fit. With its minimalistic layout and subdued colors, it’s designed to frame large images of your best work. The social media links are on the bottom left and are in the form of text instead of icons, which gives the template a bit of a classic vibe.


Watch & Learn

Wix Templates

The charming Watch & Learn template is optimized for online classes and courses with a lot of video material. The hamburger menu on the left reveals dedicated pages for video courses, booking private sessions, and online courses. 

The design features large fonts and pastel geometric shapes on a white background, giving it a contemporary look. The social media buttons are located to the left below the hamburger menu, and they include Vimeo and YouTube if you want to add some extra video resources.


Wix Templates

If you need a space where you can discuss, collaborate, and learn about design with other creatives, then you might like Designtalk. It’s equipped with a blog where you can post educational content and a forum where members can interact with each other and share ideas and experiences. 

There’s also a contact form for collaborators and a subscription form for readers. This Wix template features a simple, unimposing design that’s still interesting enough to engage visitors because of the cluster of images in the middle.


Wix Templates

With the Davon template, you can create a strong and professional-looking website for an online business school. The template’s design features geometric blocks of content, which make it comprehensive and easy to navigate. 

Apart from the modules page, there’s an integrated blog where you can regularly upload countless learning resources. The best part of this template is the designated space for an inspiring quote that can convey the message you’re trying to teach your students.


Wix Templates

This Web template is great for creative conferences not only because of its attractive design but also because it covers all the aspects of a conference very efficiently, which we like. The header menu features a large “Get Tickets” button that visitors can’t miss. You can add all the essential details like speakers and guests, details about the workshops, and the agenda, whose section features a unique black-and-white glitch-style animation. 

50 Zones

Wix Templates

As with any type of forum, gaming forums are lively virtual spaces, so having a well-designed template is imperative. 50 Zones comes through in exactly that regard, being as eye-catching as it is functional. In the main menu on the top right, there’s the forum page and events page for meetups or other events as well as the members page, which users can access only if they’re logged in. 


Read Over

Wix Templates

This quirky and modern Wix template is for all the bookworms out there who have finally decided to run their own book blog. The template is a combination of white space and large images, while the rest of the template is composed of symmetrical boxes of content that give it a neat look. Moreover, the illustrations make it pleasantly vibrant. You can navigate the page through the hamburger menu on the top right and the socials on the top left.

Going Places

Wix Templates

This travel blog template can make anyone eager to go on their next traveling adventure. The template relies heavily on images, so you’ll have to make sure you upload high-res ones. The “Search” button and socials are located in the header along with the navigation menu, which features different categories of content, including videos. The template is simple but quite functional since it leaves a lot of room for the images of your trips to speak for themselves.

Turning Heads

Wix Templates

The Turning Heads Wix template is perfect for running a personal blog. The vibe of the template is friendly and cozy, and the combination of warm neutral tones against a white background give a welcoming feel. This template features large images and a neatly laid out blog feed that feels easy to read. 

The home page is adorned with a subscription box and an Instagram feed below it to promote engagement. The other socials are located in the header, including Pinterest if you want to share some more of your photos with your readers.


Wix Templates bellao

The BellaO template is one of the more functional Wix templates, and it’s perfect for influencers. Right from the get-go, you’re greeted with two full-screen images side by side, making the blog look like a fashion editorial. 

The template is intuitive and easy to navigate – the blog itself looks very organized, and there’s even a “Shop” page where you can add a selection of items you’ve worn or used for your readers to shop directly.

Daily Routines

Wix Templates

Blogging about music can be really fun, especially if your website template allows it. Daily Routines has a really nice and original design, even slightly offbeat. You can label your posts and publish them into different categories, like reviews, new releases, etc. What we really like in this template is the ability to add your own podcast episodes, making the blog even more engaging and interactive.

Over and Out

Wix is a great platform, and it hasn’t been among the more popular business software for years for nothing. Their selection of templates is impressive, and most of them seem pretty functional and mobile-responsive. 

We hope that we have provided you with enough information to help you in your quest for the perfect Wix website template. Choose wisely – you can’t change it once your site goes live.

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