How to Change the Blog Layout on Shopify

How to Change the Blog Layout on Shopify

Lauren Lauren
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Blogging can have a really positive effect on organic traffic coming into your site and, in turn, conversion rates, which is what you want for your Shopify store. However, you’ll only see these positives if your readers stay on your site and keep coming back for more. 

There are many things that will influence how long a visitor spends on a website, but a good user experience is key. That means having a blog that is easy to navigate and read. If your blog layout is crowded, the font size is too small, or the colors make it difficult to focus and read, you’ll lose readers pretty fast. 

What’s In a Good Blog Layout

Ideally, a good blog layout will have some or all of the following features:

  • Clear font
  • Summary boxes
  • Table of contents
  • High-quality images
  • Narrow grid and page margins
  • Subheadings
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Pop-ups and banners
  • Reading progress indicator
  • Related articles
  • Shoppable products

If you need some inspiration to create your own blog and design the look and layout, check out these examples.

Change the Layout of Your Shopify Blog

Now, the important part – how to change the blog layout on Shopify. You essentially have two options: one requires coding skills, and the other does not.

Change Your Layout Without Using Code

The easiest option is to simply change the theme you’re using. Each theme or site template has a particular layout – if you don’t like it, you can choose another. When you open up your Shopify store editor dashboard, you can select Theme and change it to whichever you prefer. 

Once you have a theme you like, you’ll still have some scope for customization without the need to code. You’ll be able to change the header and footer, the font, and the colors on the page to bring your blog more in line with your brand. But if you’re not happy with any of the available themes, you’ll need to code the layout changes you want. 

Change Your Layout Using Code

If you feel the need to create a look that the Shopify themes can’t give you, then you’ll need to code the changes. Shopify uses a specific code language called Liquid and does provide a cheat sheet for developing your own code. 

However, it is strongly advisable that you do not play around with the Shopify theme code unless you have some experience. It’s all too easy to break your entire store with one minor change to the code. If you’re unfamiliar with Liquid, you’re better off hiring a Shopify expert or…

Alternatively – Use DropInBlog

DropInBlog makes blogging on Shopify really easy. The WordPress-style text editor is intuitive to use, and blog posts automatically adopt the CSS of your site, so you won’t spend time adjusting the formatting with every blog post. In addition, you can easily add shoppable products directly into your blog posts.

How to change the blog layout on Shopify: code and layout DiB

Simply go to the Code & Layout tab to select from one of three layout templates or add your own CSS code. If you already have a collection of blog posts and want to migrate to DropInBlog, we can show you how to import existing Shopify blog posts to DropInBlog

Blog layout templates


Yes, you can change your layout around without having to code at all. However, you’re limited to the Shopify themes available and the range of customization that’s possible with those. If you want to take it further, then you will have to use code.

An aesthetically pleasing blog page is not just nice to have – it improves the overall user experience. A blog that is engaging to read and easy to navigate will be more effective at converting leads. If your blog layout is unappealing, even some minor changes can be well worth it.

Within DropInBlog, you can choose from three blog layouts or add your own CSS to design the blog pages your way. However, for design changes to the entire Shopify store, you’ll need to do that from within your Shopify theme editor. 

Final Thoughts

How you choose to change the style and look of your Shopify blog will ultimately come down to your coding skills. If you aren’t confident coding with Liquid, you’d be wise to step back and let an expert handle it. 

If you have a solid grasp of coding, then you can tinker with the code to make your desired changes. One thing is for sure – DropInBlog makes blogging better.

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