What's the best solution for blogging in Webflow?

Albert Albert
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So you've graduated from Squarespace and Wix templates and moved onto designing your layouts yourself using Webflow, congratulations!

Gone are the days of spending hours finding the perfect template only to realize it looks great solely because it was designed around the stock images. Webflow is a fantastic way for you to implement your own designs. Finally, you can flex your stifled design muscles. 💪

But... that's not to say Webflow a perfect tool. Blogging in Webflow is a pain point many of us have faced. If you're reading this you've probably already run into the problem I'm about the describe. 

The Webflow CMS

Creating a blog in Webflow can be a bit of a challenge. They introduced a CMS system which basically acts as a big database for all of your files. This system is great for experienced web developers who've been writing server side code for years and speak SQL like a second language, but for everybody else, it can be a head scratcher.

Blogging in Webflow

Purpose-built vs Built for Every Purpose

Webflow tried to turn databases into something simple, and they created a general purpose CMS that could be made to function like all sorts of things. This resulted in a system that can imitate a blogging platform but lacks many of the necessary features that purpose-built blogging platforms provide.

This problem is due to the same issue many no-code website builders face. They strive to create a simple solution for making beautiful websites, but the more features they try to implement... the more complicated their simple solution becomes. Your typical catch-22.

So now what?

You spent days, maybe weeks building your site, making it perfect and now all you need is that last element... a blog. But it turns out it takes a radical shift in knowledge to use the built-in Webflow options to create a blog. You may find yourself asking; how much time am I going to spend learning how the Webflow CMS works? Why is it so hard to just write a blog post and have it show up on my site?? Why does it feel so clunky compared to other blogging platforms???

Blogging in Webflow doesn't need to be complicated

Well, dear reader, there is another option. Let me introduce you to DropInBlog, which allows you to skip all that mess. There are no CMS collections to set up, and you don't have to manually configure every part of a template. You literally just copy and paste a couple lines of code into your layout and DropInBlog handles the rest.

DropInBlog - A truly simple alternative

The best thing about DropInBlog is that it's simple for everybody to use, while still giving the option of getting technical with code. For almost every person, all the features they want can be toggled on and off in the settings. These simple settings allow you to easily enable complex features that would take forever in Webflow. Take a look:

DropInBlow Output Settings 

Added SEO benefits

Besides ease of use, DropInBlog also offers another invaluable tool: SEO Analysis. If you're using Webflow, you're probably pretty seasoned in the way of the web and know the value of SEO, or have at least heard of it.  You've built this beautiful site, but how do you get people to look at it? SEO is what gets your blog posts and website to the top of search engine results.

SEO doesn't have to be mysterious

Information rich blog posts are the easiest way to create content that will get you to the top of search results, but not every blog post is created equal. Blog posts that are not search engine optimized will not perform as well as competing posts that are.

Reading guides online about SEO, you'll find it's a quagmire of guessing, outdated information, and sometimes things that are just plain wrong. Some will advocate stuffing your post full of keywords or adding certain metadata or making backlinks, but it's guesswork to figure out what's actually useful to an ever-changing search algorithm.

Don't torture yourself

Even if you've managed to tackle Webflow's CMS and create a somewhat usable blog, you're still missing out on tools that will actually help you write effective blog posts. That is the goal after all, isn't it? You're probably not writing a blog for your health, so why not take the guesswork out and save yourself the mental anguish of wondering why nobody is reading your blog posts.

DropInBlow SEO Analyzer

Unfortunately, Webflow does not offer tools to analyze your blog posts, just basic guidelines you should follow. On the other hand, DropInBlog will actually help you with your SEO. It analyzes your post, gives you a score out of 100, and then provides a simple bullet point list of things you can do to improve your SEO.

Keep your own style

Additionally, with DropInBlog, you can choose a professionally designed template and have your blog running within Webflow in seconds. DropInBlog looks at the existing CSS of your site and automatically adopts it. It takes about as long as dragging and dropping any other element into your Webflow layout. Check out this integration tutorial here for more detailed information.

Let's do a recap

I could go on some more about how general-purpose CMS's are not an ideal blogging solution, but I won't. When a platform isn't built from the ground up for blogging, it shows. DropInBlog was built from the ground up for one specific purpose, to be an absolutely simple solution to add a blog to any site painlessly.

Webflow and DropInBlog ~ the perfect marriage

With the power of both platforms you'll now have:

  • A blog that is simple to implement & maintain
  • A ton of options at the flick of a switch
  • A purpose-built blogging platform
  • Blog posts that are analyzed for SEO

The Ideal Solution

If you want to learn more about how easy it is to integrate DropInBlog into your Webflow site, check out this article for a step by step walk through: Adding DropInBlog to Your Webflow Site

Feel Free to hit us up if you have any questions. Happy Blogging!

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